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91HD : News

Guest sae1480

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Guest sae1480

After a period of a small range test, 91HD new automatic promotions system Zhengshishangxian it!

The system of automatic promotions will be based on the seed release time, download and completion of many factors, dynamic automatically adjust seed deals. The specific seed upload and download promotions will be displayed in the seed list as well as detailed information of the seed.

Automatically discount the overall set of promotions are as follows:
For the new seed will upload promotions as well as a free download;
The cancel upload promotions after a small amount of a species and reduce download promotions;
Completely cancel the offer after a large number of the species;
For the old kind of old species given the upload of 1.5 to 2 times;
Further, for the urgent replant seed will have an additional 1.5 to 2 times Add Shipping!

If you want to minimize the download amount of statistical data, the first time to download the new species;
If you want to get extra upload, please conservation, especially the old the kinds and solitary species!

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