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Is copying theft?

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Guest KDE1898

Copying is not thieving because everybody is doing it. But the rights for the ownership materials should be kept. P

However I don't maintain what I just said. I buy oriiginal CDs. I rip music for my iPod Classic. I share the album online without any profit. I'm still copying but whom am I stealing from? myself ?

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Guest master3013

I will try to look at both sides here:

If everyone paid for the material they use (of any kind) the professionals would get more money at the beginning, but less overtime. That because if I listen to a really good song randomly, I will try to find more about the artist, and if I like, I will become a fan. When things are "free" I can reach very easily to any kind of material, so I know what is good and what is not for my taste. Back in the music example, when I become a fan of an artist, I will pay for the "free" stuff when I go to a concert. And I will tell my friends about that, so the artist will be getting a free advertisement from me. So I think about these "free copies" like a way of the professionals win "free advertisement", because probably they will have some other ways to make money with their material: concerts, theaters, personal tutoring...

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