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Find More (Legitimate) Content With BitTorrent Surf

Guest shaileshbad

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Guest shaileshbad

Find More (Legitimate) Content With BitTorrent Surf

In a previous article we’ve mentioned the intentions of BitTorrent Inc. to launch a Google Chrome plugin that will allow people to use the browser as a downloading platform. After a period of intensive testing and developing, BitTorrent is proud to announce that Surf will help you find more content easily, and at the tip of your fingers (or better said, browser).

“BitTorrent has been the best
way to move media and other data for over a decade. With BitTorrent
Surf, you get all the power of BitTorrent without ever leaving your
browser. And thanks to a powerful integrated search, finding torrents
has never been so easy,” the company said about Surf’s capabilities.“Within 365 days, we’ve been able to create a legitimate content

ecosystem 85-petabytes-big; connecting 16 innovative artists with 170
million activist listeners.”

In that sense, BitTorrent released a demonstrative update for Surf,
boasting on its abilities to create a measureable and sustainable model
that allows the BitTorrent platform to promote artists.

As such, music creators, authors, movie makers, content creators altogether can partner with BitTorrent Inc. and let the company promote their work by prioritizing (in their favor) the search results.

“We’ve learned that BitTorrent users invest money and time to support artists,” the company said.

“We’ve learned that they want to see better content in the BitTorrent
ecosystem. We’ve learned that artists who distribute work via
BitTorrent create stronger connections with fans.”

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