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StopThePress [STP] || 2013 Review

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Guest roberto83

We're live!

That's right. STP is no longer in beta. We've been in beta for a while, but now we're opening up to a wider audience. We are eternally grateful and appreciative to all of the beta users who helped us build content, iron out the bugs, and make the site what it is. We wouldn't be able to go live at all if it hadn't been for all of you. Just because we are ending the beta doesn't mean will still won't find things that don't work quite as intended, so please continue to report to the staff anything that seems off. Thank you for being part of our beta.

To celebrate the launch, we're handing out swag.

Beta Member Class
All members who participated in the beta have been given a "Beta Member" secondary class as a small token of our gratitude for putting up with us for this long. You can see the "β" next to your username in the forums and "Beta Member" listed under your class on your profile.

The core of any tracker is its community, and we want you to help expand STP's community. To do this, we're giving everybody some invites to give to your friends.

  • User: 5 invites
  • Member: 10 invites
  • Power User: 15 invites
  • Elite: 20 invites

Last but most certainly not least, everything on STP is freeleech for the next week.

And who knows? There might be more later!
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Guest Ethan

StopThePress Review


Tracker Name : StopThePress "STP"

Tracker URL : stopthepress.es

Tracker Genre : E-Learning

Tracker Type : Ratio Based

Tracker Speed : 9/10

Tracker PreTime : 8/10

Tacker Content : 8/10

Tracker IRC Details

  • IRC Network Name : stopthepress.eu
  • IRC Network Server : chat.irc-network.pl
  • SSL : 6697
  • Non-SSL : 6667
  • Support Channel :
  • #STP - General Channel
  • #STP-OffTopic - Off topic channel. Spam, automatic now playing scripts, other bots/scripts allowed. Other chat rules still apply.
  • #STP-Announce - Announces new uploads
  • #STP-Log - IRC version of the site log
  • #STP-Support - Support channel
  • #Blackhole - Where all the cool people hang out

Tracker Categories


Tracker Torrents List


Tracker Forum


Tracker Rules




Invite System






Is The Tracker Worth To Join : Hell Yeay !!!!

Review End

Hope That I Have Mentioned Every Thing !!!

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