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Open world vs linear world games - thoughts & ideas?


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Recently, I have noticed an anti-linear gameplay movement.

The view: If the core of the game is not an open world or a sandbox, then it must be lazy, second rate or designed for twelve year old kids.

I disagree with this idea. Linear games have the most polished gameplay and memorable experiences. Linear games can actually tell a cohesive story where you can become vested in the character(s). Sandbox games are limited to a "main quest" or a loose framework that does not amount to much.

Sure, sandbox games offer the opportunity for more "innovative" gameplay moments, but are they really better?


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Guest oink

what is best depends of the game it-self,

you cant think of a linear gta,

or open world cod.

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Guest TmsK

It strongly depends on style, genre..

But I preffer Openworld, (stalker) for example. It was linear, but still you could skip some quests

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