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Guest sae1480

Hello again everyone! It has really been a long time since I last posted here, due to things I'll get to in a moment, but first things first: Time for an update!

(tl;dr --> there are new staff/dev positions. Apply now, kthx!)

The past of AB!

So, about a year and a half ago we had a discussion amongst the staff about the direction of AB. Some were fine with how it was, others wanted to tinker and fix, I on the other hand wanted to innovate. I wanted to push AB into the future, get it out of the tight clutches of Gazelle and create a new AB from scratch using Ruby. Sadly the other members didn't see it my way, and when I started to do stuff some of them decided to block my access of the site. In my exile things changed around here, but clearly not for the good. Some of you might notice that the other Staff Members are BANNED, mainly for precaution reasons so that they can't lock me out again. The ones willing to HELP me IMPROVE AB are welcome back once I have changed privileges.

The future of AB!

Enough about the past, time to talk about the bright new future!~

  • Staff positions opening up! - (Link: https://yuki.animebytes.tv/staffpm.php) As you might have noticed I am in need of fellow staff members, users I can trust, and who can help me get AB into the future. If you have any knowledge of ruby know that AB needs you now. Applications are now accepted via Staff PM, so step up and help me get this site running again. This is AnimeBytes second step down the path towards WORLD DOMINATION!!! being the best anime tracker!

  • Out with H&R, in with Ratio (again) - (Link: https://yuki.animebytes.tv/ratiorules.php) H&R is totally baka, and it was one of these things that I was against, but got voted down on. Thus I am effectively rolling it back once I get stuff in order. H&Rs never work the way they are supposed to, and there are shows you don't want to keep or seed that you HAVE to, and that is just wrong.

  • K-pop - (Link: http://animebytes.tv/torrents3.php - In progress!) Did I say "anime tracker" before? Yes I did, but the fact is that during my time off AB I discovered that there are a great deal of things that should be on AB. K-pop is one of those things. The music is great, there is a lot of it, and the girls are cute. :3 We already have some korean animation on the site (like Aachi wa Ssipak, Wonderful Days, and Doggy Poo. These things are also going to be rolled out soon, but they are going to be held on a separate page so that you NEETs out there can get your j-pop in piece. This does NOT mean that k-pop should be uploaded with the j-pop, and anyone who does so will be BANNED.

If this ends up being popular we will consider allowing any korean animation, even those that don't have an AniDB page.

  • Requests overhaul - (Link: http://animebytes.tv/requests.php) Now that I'm back I can finally get to fixing the request system. The only thing they hadn't changed during my absence, and it is the broken request system. Any and all suggestions and opinions about the request system can be posted in this thread. I'll get to it as soon as I can. Things already on the list are: add k-pop requests, add dual-audio, allow for subscriptions, re-write the whole thing in ruby, improve the search, add more options for VN's, add more options for hentai requests, etc. If you have anything you want fixed in the request system let me know in this thread.

  • J-Music Section Updates - (Link: https://yuki.animebytes.tv/torrents2.php) I plan on allowing Vorbis audio to be allowed, to fill the need for V3. There has been considerable strides made on the frontier of low bit-rate audio, and we should embrace that. It is not fixed yet, so more info on this to come.~

Things to look forward to!

Other things... Yet to come... One day..

Monthly uploading competition - more about this later.

The design and CSS competitions - more on this later too.

Anime channels! No, it has nothing to do with video stream, but hopefully you all will like it! <3

How you can help!

We need your help! Anyone who wants to apply for the position of "Wiki student" may do so, but what would REALLY help is people who know ruby. It's a great opportunity to both make our tracker the best there is AND you can learn a lot about anime in the process! If you would like to help, please post in THIS forum thread (yes the one you're reading right now), or send a Staff PM:https://yuki.animebytes.tv/staffpm.php

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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