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Consider the passage of years as a gate. You can go through this gate in the new year and take with you only good things and then close it behind you, so worries and sorrows to can not follow.
Do pinch wings to move easily over which brings new An. Pick that is beautiful and really enjoy. Spend nice early this year to live thrills all year!
If I had expectations in 2014 that we have not been fulfilled, if the 2014 I considered below par, then either bring everything not 2015 brought this year, whether you desire to be fulfilled, or that dreams take shape and best wishes accompany you a year from now.
Each of us hope that the future will be better, although I found that it's not. Yes, it seems, the past is always better than this, and this better than the future. However, in our soul remains hope, remain those moments where we hope joy remain illusions that this time, we reach peaks of happiness.
If everybody wants you this day to be a wonderful, we wish you all the days to be full of joys and achievements, so this new year fill your soul with gladness!

Happy Birthday!

The staff tekken.ro

On this day the Feast of St. Stephen, we join those from deep down you want to have only part of fulfillment, satisfaction and good health to all who bear this name, you and all those close to you who are celebrating on this day. Happy birthday, full of happiness and fulfillment, and St. Stephen will guide you always!

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