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Dear all! How many did you learn about it, the page Pretorians forced to close its doors. This unfortunate incident occurred when the combined effect of many factors that effect. As you know, we were long-standing common server, so somewhere by himself to talk about the integration / inclusion. The merger was finally rejected by Pretorians team, so we stayed in befogadásnál, more specifically, the scope for reallocation. Team Insane is fully supported, so that our side was not an obstacle. Another lehetőségéként the Pretorians old brother, the Carpathians was also raised, but the Black team eventually voted for us. The truth is that it was originally created on both sides the opportunity to double reassignment, but that's not what we undertake. In any case, respect for felajánlásért Carpe. We know it's hard to leave a page as old, and many considered skeptically to a new page, some of them did well, they do not wish to take this opportunity. This, of course, understand, accept it. In any case, we try to do everything to get something passed in our PREtoriansból here. If the theme for the beauty of race, or even something from the forum. Pretorians forum certainly been home for those who wish to separate what the ancient Black employees will be checked. It is not excluded that, here and there duckling appear on the site can see a Pretorians skin as well. The reallocation will mean not only a new user, but also the possibility of the data Pretorians inch carry-overs as well. Users of Insane so far been affected by the things that are user-Black összeolvaszhatják your on your local user, the people here can also be swapped out the people there (to some extent). Details will be published soon Pretorians to find your site. The reallocation start around the end of the week - cases of luck, a little earlier. is it possible. to Pretorians tracker is scheduled in February to the first of what will work, but the possibility of reassignment for a while then I will also ask all of you to accept gently new members, new cases are lucky - - beginning beszokást! page liking desire Any ideas on this, Black rescue proposal is welcome. We hope that together we're just better! But do not forget the fly to thank here are not the great community work, and a lot of support you provide on lately! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Staff & Staff

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