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CopyThatFloppy - Software Only Torrent Tracker For Windows, Linux & Mac Apps

Guest tannersmith

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Guest tannersmith

It’s a brand new year and here’s news of a brand new private tracker. It’s not everyday you see the launch of a BitTorrent site specializing in software. CopyThatFloppy (CTF) joins the limited number of appz trackers out there alongside the likes of Appz Bitshock and AppzUniverse. After being in beta for about a month, CTF launched to the public a couple of days ago on 31 December 2010. Based on the Gazelle codebase, this is probably the only new software tracker to hit the BitTorrent scene in 2010. CTF tracks all sorts of applications for Windows, Linux, Apple Mac and other operating systems including mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Don’t expect to find movies or games here as this tracker is all about software and software only. If you are interested in becoming a member, registrations are currently open.

Copy That Floppy

A brief introduction of CTF (originally posted on site homepage), is quoted below:

Welcome to CopyThatFloppy!

We are a software only tracker, plain and simple. With a goal to be organized and build up a community to trade and discuss software. We will not be having video games on here. As the login screen said, "This is an archive, a tribute, to those great applications that many developers have spent countless hours coding."

A quick look around the site will show you we are rather empty right now. There is where you come in. We figured why should we take the easy upload when you can, so make sure to get the software you have lying around up here!

Feel you have knowledge to share? Have a question about something? Check out the Tutorials section! There you can request a tutorial be written, post one, even collect upload for answering people's questions.

Everybody, new and old to trackers, should read the rules and make sure you follow them. We would like to do this site right and not get off to any bad habits.

So welcome, make a few posts on the forums, join the irc, and enjoy the site.

-CTF SysOps (linus & sp)

As of right now, there isn’t a lot of content indexed on CTF. At the time of posting there were only around 25 torrents uploaded to the tracker. However, keep in mind that this site is only 2 days old. Since there are a lot of 0Day Appz releases pre’d by scene groups on a daily basis, CTF most likely will not face a shortage of torrents if they manage to index even half of these releases.

Note that the content on CopyThatFloppy is not limited to Windows software. There are a number of Mac and Linux applications uploaded and the predefined categories list suggests that tracker staff have plans to upload iOS and Android applications as well. All torrents are categorized and tagged for easy searching. Some of the available apps are free software and some are pirated material that come with key generators and cracks. In addition to torrents, there is a separate section for text based tutorials and tech guides.

Registrations for CTF are currently open. There are around 2500 free slots up for the taking so get in while you can.

Site Name: CopyThatFloppy (https://ssl.copythatfloppy.org)

Signup URL: https://ssl.copythatfloppy.org/register.php?lang=


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