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TL invites are offline??

Guest mcraptil

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Guest mcraptil

According to the TorrentLeech IRC help channel, invites are up and working.

Remember that as per their wiki, you need to be given Invites by staff before you can hand any out to anyone. They're extremely unlikely to give them to anyone who isn't at the power user level either. (also note in their rules that its a no-no to ask for them as well :P Probably unwise to attempt that)

They do say that you are given an invite when becoming a VIP, and also recieve 2 a month for continued VIP status; This might be your best bet for getting one. Heck, if you're trying to help a friend out, just offer to pay for their VIP status for them maybe, so that they can get the invite. Its not a trade, so it folloows the rules, and is good for all parties involved. ;)

I am VIP in TL...

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