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bitGAMER opened invite system

Guest bigdady

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Guest bigdady

Invitations have been re-enabled under a new, dynamic system. The dynamic system adjusts the number of invitations you receive based on the quality of the people you have invited in the past. That's all you really need to know. But if you're interested in the nuts and bolts of the system, read on.

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There are two things to keep in mind in the new system: Your personal cap and your class cap. Power Users and above receive 1 invite every 15 days (every 10 days in the case of Elite VIPs), up to either your personal cap and your class cap, whichever is lower of the two.

Personal cap: Power Users and above are assigned a dynamic personal invite cap based on the performance of their past invitees. The exact details of this cap are are not made publicly available to keep people from gaming the system. However, if you invite good members and help them to get on their feet then you'll earn a higher personal cap.

Class cap: Your class cap is entirely determined by your userclass. These values may change over time at the discretion of the staff, but are otherwise steady. These values do not change based on the performance of your invitees.

The class caps are as follows:

Power User: 3

Elite User: 5

VIP: 10

Elite VIP: 15

Honored Members have unlimited invites.

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Guest Gaius

I would love an invite too. Could probably trade something decent. Not high lvl. but decent.

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