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AIDA64 Adds Support For Unreleased Intel CPUs – Includes Core i9 Mobile Processors, 9th Generation CPUs and New Coffee Lake Desktop CPUs - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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AIDA64 Adds Support For Unreleased Intel CPUs – Includes Core i9 Mobile Processors, 9th Generation CPUs and New Coffee Lake Desktop CPUs


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AIDA64 has added a list of unreleased Intel CPUs for support in their latest Beta release. The new AIDA64 Extreme Beta version can identify a list of CPUs that have not been released to consumers yet but may be headed for launch soon.


AIDA64 BETA Adds Support For Several Unreleased Intel CPUs – An Entire Army of 8th and 9th Generation Desktop / Mobile CPUs Launching Soon?


So just to make clear, these chips may or may not launch anytime soon but they have been defined by Intel themselves as indicated by Videocardz. Generally, such CPUs end up showing in databases early in production when they are tested by the manufacturer themselves or information is passed along.



Intel Coffee Lake-H Gets Core i9-8000 Series Processors – Flagship To be Called Core i9-8950HK


So starting off with the details, first up, we have a clear mention of the Core i9-8000H series CPUs that are part of the Coffee Lake-H MB (Mobile) family. These are the high-end processors designed for mobility users. Generally, this tier of processors are dedicated for high-performance laptops as such, we are looking at the first Core i9 series processor on a laptop solution. The flagship chip is said to the Core i9-8950HK and we aren’t sure about the specifications as of yet but previous leaks over at Geekbench state that we are possibly looking at a 6 core, 12 thread model.


Why call it a Core i9 though when the mainstream 6 core Coffee Lake chips fall under the Core i7 brand? Well, for laptops, a 6 core, 12 thread chip would be a first in a long time. Unlike desktop that gets a HEDT treatment, the notebook platform has been getting a quad core solution for more longer than the desktop platforms. As such, Intel is promoting their Coffee Lake-H flagship chips with the Core i9 tag. There will be Core i7 and Core i5 parts too but the top end will be falling under the Core i9 designation.


Tons of Intel 8th Generation and 9th Generation CPUs Also Added For Support in AIDA64

Aside from the Core i9-8000 series mobility family, there are a ton of other 8th and even 9th gen CPUs added to the support list. There are little details of the 9th generation family but most of the processors listed here include mobility and desktop variants. The Intel 9th generation family is said to be supported by both Coffee Lake and Cannonlake PCHs (expected in 1H 2018). Following is a list of all unreleased Intel 8th and 9th generation processors that were listed:


Intel 8th Generation Unreleased Processors:

Intel Core i3-8000

Intel Core i3-8000T

Intel Core i3-8020

Intel Core i3-8020T

Intel Core i3-8100T

Intel Core i3-8120

Intel Core i3-8120T

Intel Core i3-8300T

Intel Core i3-8320

Intel Core i3-8320T

Intel Core i5-8300H

Intel Core i5-8400B

Intel Core i5-8400H

Intel Core i5-8400T

Intel Core i5-8420

Intel Core i5-8420T

Intel Core i5-8500

Intel Core i5-8500B

Intel Core i5-8500T

Intel Core i5-8550

Intel Core i5-8650

Intel Core i5-8650K

Intel 9th Generation Unreleased Processors:

Intel Core i3-9000

Intel Core i3-9000T

Intel Core i3-9100

Intel Core i3-9100T

Intel Core i3-9300

Intel Core i3-9300T

Intel Core i5-9400

Intel Core i5-9400T

Intel Core i5-9500

Intel Core i5-9600

Intel Core i5-9600K



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