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Hello, I've just recently gotten my internet back after a long hiatus. I'm in the market for a good and inexpensive VPN that I can use to ensure my safely and privacy while using file sharing sites and streaming. I'm just looking for input from anyone who has experience in the subject. Are there any free ones that are worth using? I'm in between paydays and I'm thinking maybe a free one would be better than none until payday comes around. Thanks in advance for any input! Cheers!

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I totally understand your concern, but not all good things in life are for free. :slightly_smiling_face: In case of torrenting, free VPN is like playing Russian roulette with your privacy. If you're living in a region where downloading torrents is a punishable offence, then free VPN won't cut much slack, plus, the slow speed would only add to your suffering. The only solution is going for a decent Torrent VPN service that offers fluid and fast streaming speed and ultimate anonymity and privacy. But, still if you're planning to go free, then Spotflux, to some extent works. There are VPNs which offer the free trial, so, go for those. Moreover, do go easy on the whole process and don't rush it.

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