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We want to be sure to welcome all new members, fun with some new people. We drive on FL until the 10th out.

Want to remind our new members about TorrentsMatcher. The program for traveling and uploading releases as you have been lying on your disks. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux and handles it all automatically.

By the way, we have done a new Autodl-Irssi script. With a few more parameters, one can now choose if you just want to have scene or p2p, freeleech, torrent size. And have added so it is possible to sell between new and archive if you want. The script will find you here https://pastebin.com/jEcj5gSd and it works in a new IRC channel #autodl.

We have also added two new categories for Danish and Norwegian TV under "TV Series". You can now also set if there are Danish, Norwegian or English subb on what is being uploaded. A little left to do, but a start iaf.

Everything has rolled on much better after switching server. There have been some issues with red torrents, but it should be resolved now. Some have had to change DNS servers.

/ Staff
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