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Blutopia: News


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Codebase Updates

Graveyard System Launched (Beta)


1) You cannot resurrect your own uploads.
2)Dont resurrect something you cannot commit too.

* The graveyard is a place where dead torrents rest waiting to be resurrected. If you complete a successful resurrection you will be rewarded in free leech tokens plus the normal BON accumulation of course.

Freeleech Tokens :Freeleech token can only be earned threw the graveyard. With a Freeleech token you can make a single torrent 100% free forever!

1) If the torrent is already free by other means whether it be threw a personal 24 hour free leech session from BON store, the torrent was granted 100% free leech by staff or it was featured by staff or your group has special free leech perks then torrents will look normal.

2) If however the said is not free in any way then you will see the new Freeleech Tokens area.

3) If you have enough tokens and click the "Use A Freeleech Token" then that torrent will be made Freeleech for life to you. Special Icons indicating this will appear like so

If you spot any bugs or issues please let me know.....hope you like the updates and look forward to many more.

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