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Thank you very much to all those who have participated in the Christmas Challenge. The truth is that the dopplerteam doubted that he would achieve the goal. Incredulous! I had faith ... They are few but courageous.
I repeat, thank you very much for having dedicated those things that seem so scarce and that are bought at the price of gold: time and dedication to collaborate in this community.

It was not without time that the prizes were awarded to the users who worked hard to reach a whopping 10,000 torrents. Nice battle between the first place for Bolido and the second rodcas2.
Gwaihir keeps the third place.


Give by mentioned and congratulated the rest of users who made some contribution during the macabre challenge.

The promised 25 bonuses will be swelled in the accounts of every tracker. Take advantage of them well before they expire on 02-17-2018.

Have a Happy New Year 2018
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