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Waffles Staff Picks

Welcome to the newest (old) resurrected edition of the Waffles Staff Picks. Please remember we do not look to balance genres or purposely seek out diversity - these are simply albums by bands that we love, and hope that you find something you enjoy as well regular_smile.gif


Artist: Dwayne Johnson (!)
Album: Moana OST
Track: You're Welcome

Have you seen Moana? Go see Moana.
What can I say except "You're welcome?"


Artist: Peter Perrett
Album: How The West Was Won

A true resurrection. Peter Perrett hasn't made an album in 21 years, having been to hell and back. So cheers to Peter on his return, and a fine release this is.


Artist: The Stone Roses
Album: The Stone Roses
Track: I Am The Resurrection

I am the resurrection and I am the light


Artist: cherry glazerr
Album: apocalipstick
Track: nuclear bomb

i'm pretty sure i downloaded this band's last album but, i can't find it anywhere so maybe not...
anyway i discovered this again because of a facebook ad lol
i'm not sure if i imagined hearing of the band before, or if i actually did.
if i did, my interest in them has certainly been resurrected.
this is another 2017 rls, it's some sort of female indie punk thing

izmo (again??)

Artist: Chastity Belt
Album: I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Track: Different Now

hi last time i chose a very old release, we actually chose those staff picks over a year ago.
so this time for the first pick i'm choosing since waffles' "resurrection" i'm choosing a recent release.
as always i'm ignoring the theme and tying my pick into the topic as an afterwards.
from "different now":
"you'll find in time all the answers that you seek have been sitting there just waiting to be seen
take away your pride and take away your grief and you'll finally be right where you need to be"
beyond a literal resurrection you can think of resurrection as a renewing change within, definitely something evoked by my staff pick which is definitely adhering to the theme.
so the track i chose is the album's opener, and is pretty great.
i have only kind of skimmed the rest of the album, but nothing catches me the same way.
but everyone has different tastes so i'm choosing this anyway...
and for me even, if i only like the one song, one song can be everything.
it's an all-female band, which i think is cool.

izmo (enough already)

Artist: fazerdaze
Album: morningside
Track: take it slow

this is sort of like a female dreamy surf type thing, also twee-related i would say. i saw online blogs/magazines calling it chillwave years ago when best coast came out, but it was because they don't know what chillwave is... the music is chill certainly, but it's not chillwave.
2017 rls
this i actually only found because of a youtube recommendation from youtube.
youtube is a great resource for music, and if you want to find out how to resurrect yourself after death, i'm sure there are some videos on that.
i haven't checked tho i'm scared.


Artist: Geto Boys
Album: The Resurrection

Back up in your ass.


Artist: George Strait
Album: If You Ain’t Lovin You Ain’t Livin

i am a countryman


Artist: Masta Ace
Album: Disposable Arts

Masta Ace's concept album about returning to his art after prison--and trying to reclaim his art from the poseurs and high posters.

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