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The golden rules are valid for any HD-F and the entire network (IRC). These rules are essential. Not agreeing with them may compromise your account.

Inactivity of an account.
Inactivity of an account during a 60-day period will delete this account that has become useless for the site.

What is not considered activity by the system for the account's survival:

Stay connected.
Download some MB from time to time on a stopped or stopped file. (an uncompleted file is not taken into account as an activity)
A rejected upload (an invalid upload is not counted as an activity)
Intervene on the shout. (Shout does not keep track of activity on account or history)
Offer invitations. (It would be encouraging to distribute the invitation to anyone, not to mention that the members have only 2 except for the supporting members of the site who receive more)
Send a PM (is not a sufficient activity)
Surf the site (is not a sufficient activity)

What is considered sufficient activity by the system for account survival:

Full download of a torrent followed by a minimum of seed for 72 hours (the seed below 72 hours is not counted by the system as indicated in the ratio rule)
an upload validated by the staf followed by a minimum seed of 72h (same reason as above)
creation of posts on the forum (the simple answers are not sufficient answer yes no ok hello welcome ....... is not sufficient activity for the site).
The torrent sharing coupled with a regular connection to the site is sufficient (regular in this case mean at least once a month), members who share long-term on the site are just as important as uploads on a tk.

We can not adapt a rule to special cases (travel around the world), nowadays even in the depths of the world we manage to have a small connection sufficient for a brief connection to the site (the opportunity can be to share on the forum the experience of the current trip).

We are a private tracker and as the majority of members know to be registered on such a site is a privilege and not an acquired right, it is therefore deserved the survival of his account by a minimum of activity.

This is not mentioned on the support page but the supporting members of the site have an immunity of inactivity (original on gazelle)

Do not create more than one account.
Members are entitled to one account. If your account has been disabled, contact the staff via #home on IRC.
Do not trade, sell or give your account.
If you no longer want to use your account, send a PM Staff and ask to have your account deleted.
Do not share accounts.
Accounts are for personal use only. Giving access to your account in any way (for example, sharing your login, external program) is prohibited. Invite a friend or direct him to the channel for Interviews via IRC.
Do not invite bad members.
You are responsible for your guests. You will be sanctioned if your guests fail to maintain the required ratio, guests who go against the golden rules will jeopardize your invitation privileges and / or your account.
Do not trade, sell, give an invitation or offer in public.
Invitations should only be given to people you know or trust. There is one exception to this rule: invitations can be offered on forums protected by member classes on another private tracker where an official recruitment topic for HD-F. To propose it on a public space will be at your own risk.
Do not solicit invitations or accounts.
Requesting invitations or an account for another site is strictly prohibited outside of the section provided. Invitations can be offered, but not requested, in the invitation site forum (restricted to Elite and higher classes).
Do not try to manipulate your ratio.
Transferring inaccurate data or increasing your data through unintended uses of the BitTorrent protocol or site options (e.g., query abuse) is ratio manipulation. If in doubt, send a PM Staff for further information.
Do not send bad data to the tracker (ie cheating, ratio manipulation, ...).
Sending erroneous data to the tracker is considered cheating, especially if it is accomplished using a 'cheat client' or by handling an approved client.
Do not use non-accepted clients

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