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We will run some semi-scheduled-maintenance on site servers between 22.1. and 25.1.
The site might go unresponsive during the updates, but should come around eventually, no need to worry.

As a follow up to the last post!

Torrent categories were updated, UHD stuff is mostly separated as of now. Console games are on one single category, there has been very few of those coming for newer generation consoles. A lot of PC games that were previously going to misc / 0day category due to lack of specification higher up the chain should now be going to Games/PC category. A lot of PC apps still go to Apps/misc as well as misc / 0day category, there is no practical way of sorting those, sorry.
Everything you need a penguin system to run should go to Linux category and all you need an overpriced piece of turd to run should now go to the Apple category.

"Should", because a lot of the sorting is done with regexp-rules, which do cover most cases, but something might eventually change or there might be a typo on the release title, or so forth...

Site lottery winner count was doubled to 10, the total dealt out amount was also adjusted from 105GB to 675GB; the lottery is still ran weekly and the winners can be checked from the Forums. They will also be notified with a PM from System.

Site Rules and Site FAQ were updated mostly on account of site invites, but there were some ancient pointers in especially the FAQ that have no longer been valid for almost a decade.

As a last of the "major visible for users" update, the Power User class requirements were adjusted quite a bit; You now need to have been a member on the site for 12 weeks, roughly 3 months, have share ratio of 1.25 and total uploaded amount of 250GB. Anyone who was promoted before was not demoted due to changes, but if you do get demoted due to your ratio falling under 0.95 you will need to meet the new criteria in order to get promoted again.

Forum search and torrent search were recoded from the ground up and at least on torrent search the change on results is quite noticeable, forum search should work about as it did before, with better resource management.

A lot of other stuff was also recoded from the ground up to allow easier future changes if need be and to use server resources less wastefully.

Reminder about invite usage
If you deal out an invite the invitee must create the account when they open the invite link; that is when the invite link is used and it will be invalid afterwards!

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