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Idontexist: News


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I have a bad news for everyone. Its that site might be shutting down on 28th of this month coz of payment issues.

Paid for 6 months. Amount got deducted from my account but i got ngnix error from provider site and payment didnt got processed. I sent them proofs but they are denying.

So i dont have any extra money left to pay bills again.

Its been a nice run. Had many ups and downs and alot of loyal members helped in many ways i cant thank enough to all of you. U know who i am talking about. Hope to see you all on other sites. And wishing everyone a safe journey in BT.

I will be taking backups and stuff just in case if i get the site up and running in coming days but i cant promise that.

Thank you everyone for being part of IDE you guys made IDE what it was and is atm. Thanks again.


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