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Mission: Impossible 6 Finally Has A Title And We're All In


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We've known that a new Mission: Impossible movie was on the way since almost as soon as the last one hit theaters, but the one thing we didn't know was what the movie was actually called. Now, we do. Tom Cruise joined Instagram this morning, and for his first ever post, revealed the new title with an image of a clapboard from the production. Get ready for Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

Mission: Impossible titles aren't the most revealing thing in the world, and this one is no different. The first three entries in the franchise didn't even have subtitles. Since then we've had Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation, both of which made enough sense within the context of their movies, but weren't the sort of thing that were going to reveal many details before release. Fallout is about the same. It's clear from the name something big is going to happen that will have some major repercussions, but we probably could have guessed that. Either that or the film will take place after a nuclear apocalypse. Probably not that.

There actually is an official plot synopsis that has been released which mentions a "race against time" after a "mission gone wrong," which explains exactly what the Fallout of the title is referring to. Although, without any more details, it really doesn't tell us much. Several of the Mission: Impossible films have included missions that went wrong, so there's not a lot new in this summary.

It does confirm the primary cast of the film, which, of course, includes Tom Cruise, as well as Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames along with the return of Rebecca Ferguson and Michelle Monaghan. New actors joining the franchise include Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby as well as Henry Cavill, who we know is playing the film's main villain. We also know that villain will have a mustache, as it was Cavill's controversial facial hair that made the most headlines during his reshoots for Justice League.

The production for Mission: Impossible - Fallout has been a difficult one that has included a significant injury to its major star. Tom Cruise, who is known for insisting on performing his own stunts in his movies, broke his ankle making a rooftop jump last year. This put the film's production back several weeks, but Fallout is still expected to hit its previously scheduled release date this summer. Mission: Impossible - Fallout hits theaters July 27, 2018.

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