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Top 10 Asian Girls with Great Butts 2018


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n beauties, these girls have olive skin, silky black or brown hair and beautiful long slanted eyes. However, it should be noted that the appearance of girls can differ depending on the region where they were born, the same could be said for the Russian brides online. The key distinctive feature is that they know how to look spectacular and charming all the time.

1. Priyanka Chopra.
Priyanka is an Indian fashion model and actress. She gained world fame in 2000 when she received the title of “Miss World.” After that, in 2003, the model began her career in cinema. The girl received the title of the most beautiful girl on the planet, but her acting career began modestly in Bollywood.

2. Fan Bingbing.
Fan is a young and very beautiful Chinese model and actress. She graduated from the theater studio in Shanghai, where she passed all the basics of acting. In a short time, she became one of the most famous actresses in China and appeared in more than 40 films of Chinese directors. In Hollywood, she starred in the films “X-Men” and “Missing.”

3. Asa Akira.
She is one of the most successful and famous porn actresses with Asian appearance. Her career started with a hot striptease in nightclubs. The situation was not the most favorable, but thanks to that experience, the sultry brunette had been able to master the basics of temptation, which became useful to her later on the set.

4. Maggie Q.
The girl didn’t ever dream of an acting career, she planned to become a veterinarian. Love for animals reflected on the lifestyle of the future actress. Maggie has been a vegetarian since childhood. She’s appeared in more than 67 films, including starring roles. This hot woman is a member of PETTA, for which she was twice shot naked for social advertising.

5. Annie Cruz.
Sexy and sweet girl Annie Cruz is a porn star. Her career began in 2004. A beautiful woman was born and grew up in Stockton, California. She has been extremely interested in everything that is associated with sex and porn industry since the earliest years, so she has made her choice not coincidentally.

6. Moon Bloodgood.
She is Korean, Danish and Irish by nationality. According to the magazine “People,” she was one of the hundred most beautiful people in the world in 2006. In school years, she was engaged in track and field athletics and thanks to her unusual attractive appearance, started working as a photo model in her youth.

7. Deepika Padukone.
She is an actress and model from India. She started her career as a model on the Lakme show. She began her acting career in Bollywood, the movies “Aishwarya” and “Om Shanti Om” made her famous within her country. Further, she got roles in Hollywood where she starred, for example, in “XXX.”

8. Kaylani Lei.
Kaylani is of Filipino origin, she began her career as a porn actress at the age of 19, signing a six-year contract with Wicked. A model comes from Singapore. One of her hobbies is esotericism. The actress also participates in charity events. For example, she participated in a photo shoot called “The World of Nature.

9. Claudia Lynx.
She is an actress, model, singer and certified translator. Her real name is Shaghayegh. She is often called “The Goddess of Persia” thanks to her mixed Azerbaijani-Persian origin. Claudia starred in several American films.

10. Evelyn Lin.
Evelyn is a porn actress. She moved from the Chinese province of Hunan to American California. Evelyn’s freedom-loving views were formed precisely under the influence of American sexual revolutions, thanks to which the girl is bisexual and adores sex with all her Asian heart.

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