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Marvel's Mobile Games Set 'Avengers: Infinity War' Updates


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Seven games will be getting costumes, characters and quests inspired by the superhero teamup.

Avengers: Infinity War is expected to hit like a pavement-buckling Hulk smash on April 27, but those unwilling to wait that long for Earth's Mightiest Heroes to reassemble can get an early taste of the Thanos-thwarting action in Marvel's current stable of video games.

Marvel is adding a number of updates to its video games, following its rollout focused on February's Black Panther, which brought content inspired by the Ryan Coogler blockbuster to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, Contest of Champions, Future Fight, and Avengers Academy. In addition to those four games, Spider-Man Unlimited, Puzzle Quest, and Strike Force will also receive Avengers updates, featuring everything from costumes and characters to locations and quests inspired by Infinity War.

"Spanning two months across seven games, our Avengers: Infinity War event brings the excitement of the highly-anticipated film in appropriately epic style by unleashing the biggest content update in the history of our games portfolio," Marvel Games Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann tells Heat Vision.

Rosemann also suggests the updates won't simply slather the existing games with a pretty Infinity War paint job, describing them as “unique activations that celebrate the play style of each game, delivering that authentic Marvel mix of action, humor and drama.” LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 fans, for example, will get to kick brick in a brand new level, while Spider-Man Unlimited 2's players will face Thanos in a bonus boss battle.

Here's the full breakdown of Avengers: Infinity War events and the dates they go live.

Marvel Contest of Champions
April 19 – Players join Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman and Spider-Man’s Tom Holland for a Champion Challenge.
April 25 – Four new events surface, including the “Infinity Nightmare” story quest, a daily “Infinity Trials” quest, a solo challenge, titled “Vanquishing Blows” and “Infinity Dungeons”, featuring social co-op quests. New characters launching include Proxima Midnight (available now), Corvus Glaive (April 26), as well as Captain America (Infinity War) and Iron Man (Infinity War) coming in May.

Marvel Future Fight
April 24 – Fight legendary battles in three iconic environments: Titan, Sanctum Sanctorum and Wakanda. The first wave of a two-part update debuts with new film-inspired costumes, including Thanos, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Corvus Glaive, Winter Soldier, Proxima Midnight and Groot.

Marvel Puzzle Quest
April 19 – In-game event begins.
April 24 – New supports become available, including Children of Thanos and Infinity Stones.New characters include Captain America (April 19), Black Widow (May 3), Okoye (May 17) and Spider-Man/Iron Spider (May 31).

Marvel Strike Force
New Avengers: Infinity War characters assemble, including Thanos, Vision, Star-Lord, Loki and Doctor Strange.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
Event content coming soon with a new level and Avengers: Infinity War characters

Marvel Avengers Academy
April 26 – The in-game event goes live, featuring Scarlet Witch, Thanos, Killmonger, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Thane (son of Thanos).

Marvel Spider-Man Unlimited
April 25 – Updates include new film-inspired characters: Spider-Man (Iron Spider), Thanos (Boss Battle).
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