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Pornhub Plans on Launching New Video-Selling Platform


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Pornhub Plans on Launching New Video-Selling Platform

LOS ANGELES — Pornhub plans on launching a new video-selling platform for performers seeking additional ways to sell their content.

The platform, set to go live in about two months, will allow talent to price videos from $1 to $150 per download, yielding 65- to 80-percent payouts.

“Now you can sell your videos to our billions of visitors all from the same platform you’re used to,” Pornhub said. “You don’t need a new account or any special info. You don’t need to code your own profile.

“All you need to do is set the Privacy Settings to ‘For Sale’ when you upload your next video. It’ll automatically go up for sale once the new platform is live and users can start purchasing your exclusive videos.”

Pornhub plans on 85-percent payouts for the first three months after launch and 65-percent payouts after three months.

“We fully cover chargebacks, so there are no surprise fees,” Pornhub said.

Content providers can change videos from “For Sale” to free at any time and still earn ad revenue through Pornhub's viewshare revenue plan, which pays out a monthly rate per 1,000 views.

For those choosing to sell videos, Pornhub said that the rules for selling videos are a bit stricter. It has created a list of terms that cannot be employed or described in videos.

Check out how Pornhub’s new program works here.

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