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Stormy Daniels, Pal Keith Munyan Launching Online Store


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Stormy Daniels, Pal Keith Munyan Launching Online Store


LOS ANGELES—Stormy Daniels and her close friend, celebrity photographer Keith Munyan, have joined forces to launch an online store, StormyStore.com.

The online retail outlet will sell T-shirts, tank tops, silicone wristbands and stamped metal bracelets featuring the logo #TeamStormy, as well as other items related to the performer not available anywhere else.

“We are finishing up the details and will launch the store in the coming days,” explained Munyan, who has been friends with Daniels since the two met on a photo shoot in 2005 and bonded over their home state of Louisiana and their shared love of horses. ”All of the items for sale are available for immediate shipment, and we plan on adding new items in the coming weeks.”

Initially available are T-shirts and tank tops in black or white, with the #TeamStormy lettering available in black, white, red, pink or rainbow.

“I designed the logo myself, and even taught myself how to get the rainbow lettering done for the shirts,” Munyan said with a laugh. “I watched YouTube videos to learn how to do it the right way!”

The silicone wristbands are a bright teal blue, with the #TeamStormy logo flanked by lightning bolts on one side and “‘Standing up to bullies is kind of my thing’ —Stormy Daniels” on the other. The wristbands, Munyan noted, also glow in the dark.

A percentage of the sales will be donated to charities and organizations that help with anti-bullying efforts, Munyan told AVN.

“That’s something she’s passionate about, because she was bullied,” he said. “Anti-bullying is a big thing for her.”

Additionally, there are two more T-shirt designs which Munyan designed himself available on the site. One has an image that resembles a tabloid newspaper front page with a picture of Stormy surrounded by headlines that read “Fake Boobs > Fake News,” “Make America Horny Again” and more. The other shows Stormy draping herself across a giant rolled-up Forbes magazine with the phrase “Don’t Make Me Spank You” on it.

“The prices aren’t outrageous, and all similar items will be priced the same, such as all T-shirts will be $25,” said Munyan. “We wanted to make everything as easy as possible.”

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