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Bloodline Champions

Guest tkdvenom

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Guest tkdvenom

So yeah, this is basically a "kinda new" free-to-play game I've been playing. It hasnt been out for that long, but its an excellent game (if you like MOBA type games).

Some people compare it to League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, but this game is not very similar to them, and it is so much more. You basically have ~20 heroes to chose from (they are called "bloodlines" in the game). There are melee damage - ranged damage - tanks - healers to chose from. You are pitched into a arena style map (there are several maps and several game modes such as: 3v3 battle, 2v2, capture the artifact and conquest). You have 6 basic abilities (mapped to M1, M2, Q, E, R, Space) and you have your ultimate, which is mapped to the F key. There are also enhanced forms of some abilities, which are triggered with the Ctrl key.

There is no auto-targetting in Bloodline Champions. You control your hero (bloodline) with the W, A, S, D keys, and you aim all of your abilities manually with the mouse. This is what makes this game so competitive and challenging at the same time. You are not restricted by mana, only by cooldowns. By using abilities you gain energy for your ultimate, or for the enhanced forms of some abilities. This game is almost solely skill based, and it has a bit of a steep learning curve if you played other MOBA games like LoL or HoN.

You buy heroes (bloodlines) with ingame currency called "bloodcoins", which you gain from playing games. There is no grinding, no leveling up. All heroes cost the same amount of bloodcoins. You can also buy different outfits and weapons for heroes, but you get no advantage over other players with them. When you start the game and pick a hero, you have the same chance and same level as anyone else in the arena, even if its a veteran player. If you play good, nothing limits you. This is why this game is so competitive. Player performance is calculated through different grades, if you play good, you get a higher grade, but this means nothing. It just shows others on what "level of skill" you are.

The game already has a replay system, observer mode, in-game tournament system, different leagues and ladders. Here are some of the key points of the game listed from Wikipedia:

Main features:

  • Team-based arena-style player vs. player (PvP) gameplay
  • Three different game modes: Arena (known as team deathmatch in other games), Capture The Artifact (aka Capture The Flag) and Conquest (map control point game mode)
  • Solo and Team Matchmaking, supporting 2v2 and 3v3 brackets
  • Also supports game creating and joining, using a "lobby" system
  • Rounds are fast-paced, last 2 minutes in matchmaking games and they are best of 5 to determine the overall winner and undetermined amount on custom games
  • Purely skill-based: there is no targeting, no random damage and no "critical" hits; every ability requires aiming
  • Instead of using mana as in other similar games, Bloodline Champions uses cooldowns which have to be managed effectively
  • Top-down view of the arena, mouse and keyboard controls, VOIP chat, Observer view when dead or observing
There are four categories of bloodlines (character archetypes): melee attack, ranged attack, healer, and tank. There are currently 21 bloodlines, with five in each category, except for melee attack which has six. Stunlock Studios have announced that they are working on a new bloodline.[5] Each bloodline has seven abilities, two of which have an EX version, an enhanced version of the ability. Each has its own cooldown, as well as triggering short global cooldowns. The seventh ability is an "ultimate" ability that may only be used after gaining sufficient energy through executing other abilities successfully, such as healing allies, damaging enemies, and otherwise helping your team.

Champions also have HP (Health Points) - when the champion runs out of HP, the champion dies, removing it from combat until the end of the round. Each champion also has two items that grant additional abilities. The Bloodline Medallion allows a champion to recover an increasing amount of HP over a period of time and Resurrect revives nearby fallen teammates. Both items require a significant amount of uninterrupted time to prepare, which makes them impractical in immediate combat. In Conquest and Capture The Artifact modes resurrection skill has been replaced with warp skill that allows you to warp a short distance every 20 seconds.

The controls in Bloodline Champions are similar to a first-person shooter, as the bloodline's movement is controlled using the W, A, S, and D keys. The primary two abilities are mapped to the left and right mouse buttons, and the rest of the abilities are used with the Q, E, R, F, and space keys. Almost all the abilities are aimed, where the direction of the ability is determined by the position of the cursor on the screen relative to the champion's position. There are two different camera modes; Free Look and Static. The static camera stays over the characters head at all times regardless of the location of the players cursor. The Free Look camera allows the player to control their camera with the cursor. A few defensive abilities are directed by hovering the cursor on the desired recipient, and some abilities target a specific location on the playing field.

Bloodline Champions also features fog of war which represents the areas of the map which cannot be seen due to visual obstruction or distance. There are obstacles on the map which create fog of war and inhibit movement. Champions have their own collision, which can be used to inhibit movement and protect allies (for example a tank bloodline will have a larger collision size, making it easier to defend teammates by blocking fire, but also being more susceptible to focus fire).

I suggest trying the game out. It can be fun for those that are looking for a very competitive game, and for those that just want to waste a few hours with pure fun.

Link for registration and download of this free-to-play game can be found here:


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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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