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B*2*S [HD-Corea] | B2S or HD-Corea | gerneral | 2010 - Old and Outdated Tracker Reviews - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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B*2*S [HD-Corea] | B2S or HD-Corea | gerneral | 2010

Guest archdiablo

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Guest archdiablo

B*to*S [HD-Corea]


Tracker: B*2*S [b2S or HD-Corea]

Open Signups?: No, invite system

Category: All concerning HD, Untouched Blu-Ray, also Documentary and Package


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They have huge amount of torrents (only after HDBits.org) with both foreign and Korean content. There are even more because Adult content is hidden and is only available from 0:00AM - 6:00AM Korean Timezone (GMT +9)

Torrents Most Seeded

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There are Freeleech, Half-Leech and Double Upload Torrents.


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Good forum with also a section for "International Users", then there's also the layout preference where you can set the English Language

Click this bar to view the original image of 800x642px and 89KB.

Userclasses And Promotions

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Amazing. Just about 4.000 users and almost 28.000 torrents.

Donate System

There is a donation system available: Making more than 20 USD donations will give you 6 month VIP and freeleech rights!


Speed: 10/10 - But if you aren't Korean you can't exploit all the speed.

Contents: 9/10 - Just because there's HDBits.org. BtS has their own encoder and the quality of their work is very high.

BtS is one of my favorite HD Tracker cause i'm a HD Lover addict but it's very hard to seed here because of very high korean connection speed. Another worst thing it's rare, pratically at the same level of HDBits.

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Guest beezy102

I haven't heard of a single person who got in. I've been at it all morning.

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