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Ourbits News


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Website front-end recruitment
1, love pt business
2, familiar with html, js, css
3, the best response
1. The treatment of the working group, as a member of the station management group, enjoys all the benefits of the working group;
2. The number of invitation codes;
3. Become retirement group or VIP after retirement, or choose to join the moderator management team.
Contact QQ Group: 748360718 Remarks: Front End

1. 工作组待遇,作为本站管理组成员享受工作组的一切福利;
2. 邀请码数量;
3. 退休之后成为养老组或者VIP,亦或选择加入版主管理团队。
联系QQ群: 748360718 备注:前端


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