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How To Verify A Movie Weather Its Origin

Guest javardolas

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Guest javardolas

This is what you do when you want to see if multi rared movie is not fake, or maybe the quality:-

When you want to check Movies that isn't rared this is what you do (this works with utorrent, so get utorrent):

1. Open Utorrent

2. Options>Preferences>Advanced

3. find bt.prio_first_last_piece it will be set to false by default and change it to true and save

4. With VLC MEDIA PLAYER you should be able to play a movie and see if its real with only maybe 1 - 5 % done

Then download VLC player www.videolan.org/vlc/

Ok now all you have to do is grab a movie wait for it to download 5-10% then stop it

and play it Vlc will ask you if you want to repair the movie click no.

VLC can play incomplete/corrupt files so it should give you enough to see if its the right movie or if its a fake.

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