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What are the best ebook/etextbook torrent sites?

Guest onesillykid

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Guest onesillykid


I was wondering what the best ebook/etextbook torrent sites available are. I currently only know about bitme and ebookvortex. Ebookvortex seems to be only technical (i.e. IT-based) and very limited in content; this one I have an account on. Bitme seems to be more broad, with a much larger volume of torrents. I am an avid reader, and am looking specifically for medical and healthcare / fitness related resources. I am open to other types of books, but this is my main focus. Could anyone point me in the right direction or perhaps shed some light on this topic for me. I do not have a Bitme account, but if anyone has an invite that they could spare, please feel free to share.

I appreciate the responses in advance! :)

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