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One dead in Maine after woman drove into kids’ baseball game

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A 68-YEAR-OLD man was killed on Friday after a woman drove her car across a baseball field in the middle of a little league game in Maine.

News Centre Maine reports that Douglas Parkhurst had been near a group of children when the car started driving on the field and he immediately ran onto the diamond to push the young players out of the way.

Eyewitnesses say Parkhurst had been trying to close the gate to block the woman in but she ploughed right through it, hitting the man in the process. She sped off and he died on his way to hospital.

The driver, 51-year-old Carol Sharrow has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Justin Clifton, who had been playing basketball nearby, said Parkhurst had given his life for those children — some who were as young as eight.

“After the car got off the field, (the driver) came to the gate and the older guy pushed the kids right out of the way. He took the hit for the kids,” he said.

Diana Bittner shared her account of the horrific situation to Facebook.

“I stood there in horror as this crazy woman, tires smoking, raced up and down the road then drove right onto the ball field,” she wrote. “Kids screaming and running for their lives. They tried to close the huge metal gate to prevent her from leaving and she smashed right through it.

“That poor man was trying to help close the gate and went flying onto the street. It was a scene I will never forget,” she wrote. “I’m so grateful she didn’t hurt anyone else, but everyone there I’m sure were all as traumatised as I was.”

Denise Bass, who said she was Ms Sharrow’s best friend, took to Facebook saying that the woman has a mental illness and “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

“When she wakes up from this evilness that controlled her she will not be able to live with what she did,” she said. “Mental illness can control you. I loved this person and I pray she gets the help to be able to survive what she did.

“I also want to pray for Douglas and his family for their loss. I do not condone what my friend did. Please know it was not her, it was her illness,” she said. “On a last note, do not judge someone you don’t know, she never used drugs, hardly drank, she’s had a rough past but always was a strong woman and got through it.

“Something obviously snapped and I’m sorry for her it did and I’m especially sorry for all the people who witnessed her at her rock bottom. I am very upset that this has happened to my friend and to the family she has affected,” she said.

If you are experiencing any mental health issues please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue 1300 224 636. If it is an emergency please call 000
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