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To celebrate the ninth anniversary

1. The whole station Free 3 days (2018-06-03 15:09:05 ---- 2018-06-06 15:09:05) 
2. 9 per person limit invite (Three of them are for a period of 1 month and the remaining six are for a period of 7 days.) 
3. To be determined 

The development and growth of Hong Kong Zhitang Community is inseparable from all of you. I hope everyone will have fun! ! ! 

                                                                    ---- Gang Zhi Tang
                                                                    June 3, 2018




1.全站Free 3天(2018-06-03 15:09:05 ----2018-06-06 15:09:05)
2.每人限时邀请9枚 (其中三枚为期1个月  其余六枚为期7天)




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