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Microsoft Rumored To Announce Halo Infinity At E3


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A new Halo game subtitled Infinity is adding to the E3 2018 hype just days before the Los Angeles event begins, and is rumored to make its debut at this year's gaming expo. Aside from the expected announcement of Halo 6, the mysterious name Infinity has started making the rounds and is leaving the industry wondering what Microsoft has up its sleeve.

Halo 6 has been on the cards since Halo 5 debuted on the Xbox One in 2015, and if it does join the list of expected Xbox announcements for E3, could be one of the show's biggest talking points. Not content with just one Halo in 2018 though, the sixth main series game might be joined by another title and something completely different for the long-running shooter series.

Considering that Sams has been right in the past about upcoming Microsoft projects, the idea of Halo Infinity won't need as big a pinch of salt as some of the other E3 rumored announcements. Admittedly, Sams does warn, "things could change here but that’s the word the street," suggesting that even he doesn't know the full story.

As for what Halo Infinity could be about, feel free to start the speculation now. Given that the name Infinity refers to the ship that first appeared in Halo 4, it is not new to the series. The UNSC ship became a major part of Halo 4 and was last seen losing power at the end of Halo 5, presumably to make a return for Halo 6. If Infinity is to do with the ship of the same name, a possible spinoff would have to be linked to the next main game in some way.

Elsewhere, battle royale games are all the rage at the moment but it is unlikely that Microsoft would launch its own Halo-inspired version instead of slipping the mode into Halo 6 as an added extra. Also, the expansive nature of the word "infinity" could allude towards some sort of online presence similar Grand Theft Auto Online. With GTA Online launching off the back of GTA V, Microsoft could finally bring an official version of Halo online alongside Halo 6. Added to this that 343 Industries recently clamped down on ElDewrito's Halo Online mod, there were already hints that Phil Spencer is planning something big for the franchise.

The final option is a disappointing one. With the covert nature of Microsoft revealing Halo 6, Halo Infinity might simply be the official title for that game. If the title is its own game away from Halo 6, something like Halo Infinity would help fill the gap for those who still think Microsoft will save Halo 6 to launch its next-gen console following Halo 5's mixed reception. Either way, with Halo 5 coming out nearly three years ago, all eyes are on the Microsoft stage at E3 to see what, if any, Halo news is coming for fans. Find out more during Microsoft’s E3 press conference on Sunday, June 10 at 4pm ET / 9pm BST
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