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Empornium News - Contest


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[*Free-4-All*] Empornium's Caption This! Caption Contest

E M P 's C a p t i o n T h i s

Welcome to the all-new, but still exactly the same, Caption Contest. Here's the image this time:


Submission Guidelines

Image submissions are preferred. You can create your image however you want, or you can use something like this meme generator to create a simple caption. Editing the original image is fine, just keep it simple.

There is a max of five entries per user, so format your post with your entry number, and the picture/caption.

Submissions will be accepted until at least midnight Friday, June 22, 2018. This may be extended if interest permits.


Abide by the same rules you do in the forums--nothing racist, sexist, or overtly offensive please.

Use only approved image hosts for your submissions.

After the contest is closed to entries, I will hold a thread for nominations, and then a voting thread for a winner. Feel free to start nominating your favorite entries in this thread--I will start counting them. Simply link to the post you'd like to nominate in this thread.


1st - 35,000 Cr.

2nd - 25,000 Cr.

3rd - 15,000 Cr.

And of course, this trophy:


created by spanarkle1.

Help Out

If anyone wants to donate credits, I will increase the prizes accordingly. If you'd like to help turn any text entry into an image, please feel free. If you want to suggest an image for future contests, send me a PM.

Thanks to FenixRising for helping out with the prize pool!

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates or helps out, and have fun!
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