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TorrentLeech: Our New Addons System


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Friday 1st of July 2011

We have successfully implemented our new addons system which is based on accumulating credits by doing surveys and clicking on offers! Please note that this new system is in BETA mode so please be patient as we still sort things out now.

The idea is to use the credits and activate addons which can be found under Profile -> Addons. More will be added soon but for now the following three are available:

1. No Wait Times for 1 week

2. Ability to change your user title

3. Get 1 extra invite

Unfortunately for now the only supported countries are USA, UK and NL and partial support for CA and AU but we will be adding more.

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Guest Ethan

This is the worst type of system TorrentLeech has added in order to gain money.

The whole idea behind this is ,

1) They have more than 1 Lakh or 10 Lakh members i suppose.

2) For each survey they fill the Staff or the owner at TL gets the money

3) They dont loose anything by giving an extra invite to each user who fills the survey , because even if they sell the invites . .The maximum cost of a TL invite would be 5-7$ whereas for each survey i bet they would atleast get 10$ . .

4) TL is one of the bad trackers regarding the way they try to gain business out of such things. Because even the donations for becoming a VIP there is too much unlikely other trackers :)

5) I agree TL is one of the good General trackers , but one shouldnt try to get business in each and every way possible. They have shitty advertisement regarding seedboxes and now surveys and donations!!

God Help Them :)

This is my opinion !!

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