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Extract the exact audio from youtube videos

Guest Sintax

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Guest Sintax

If you have a favorite song but it's only on youtube and you can't find it anywhere the first thing that everyone says it's a site that converts the youtube link which saves your audio from the video but I think you noticed that the audio isn't exactly the same as the one on youtube.Well you're in luck beacuse there is a little program called FLV Extract http://moitah.net/do...FLV_Extract.zip which extracts the exact audio from .flv files (yes you need to download the youtube video in .flv format).

Once you downloaded the program extract the zip archive: "FLV_Extract.zip" on your desktop or anywhere you like and run FLVExtract.exe (make sure you have installed .NET Framework 2.0) and uncheck the "Video" and "Timecodes" boxed and leave only the "Audio" box checked, after that simply drag and drop your .flv file to the window of the program and your audio should have the same name as your video and be in the same place as the audio.The only "bad" thing is the audio is extracted in .aac format (don't really know why).

Anyway give it a try and see the difference between a site that saves the audio from youtube link and the audio extracted with this program and let me know what you think.

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