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No More Flying Cars, Most Popular PUBG Streamer Shroud Shows Hacker Who Is The Boss - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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No More Flying Cars, Most Popular PUBG Streamer Shroud Shows Hacker Who Is The Boss


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It seems like Michael Grzesiek aka the most popular PUBG Streamer Shroud has changed his ways, apparently because of the experience he has had with those hackers. He recently took an amazing shot while playing the game, in the live stream and took down a hacker who was in a flying car.

Seems to be that apparently, that hacker thought he was invincible but when you are up against the most popular PUBG Streamer Shroud on Twitch, you have to think twice before flying like Harry Potter in a car. This ain’t no Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this here was PUBG.

As you may know, the PUBG Streamer “Shroud” recently teamed up with a hacker which he thought would be a fun thing to do. Well the fun for him did not last long and he was caught and banned for a month.

However, Shroud has made quite a comeback, him taking down a notorious car hacker seems to have brought him a lot of positive fame that was lost.

In the live stream, he said ” I think I can kill him”, two shots and voila, he took the hacker down as well as his partner in crime. Frankly speaking, it never suited PUBG Streamer “Shroud” to partner up with a hacker in the first place, back then fans were not too happy as well.

However this just might rekindle the lost popularity, perhaps he might make this a habit and become the red riding hood of PUBG. Taking down those hackers could be a really effective this way since PUBG Corp does not seem to a good job. Like for sure they have tried but come on, who are you kidding.

A little while back we even had Dell Markets selling its 8th gen laptops with PUBG hacks in China, which proves that this hacking problem is way out of anyone’s league for the moment, let alone PUBG Corp. However the company did try to take action and arrest about 15 major suspects involved with the PUBG hack creation. Back in January, they even promised the players that a new solution is on the way. Apparently, that solution never came.

So what are your thoughts on this whole hacking matter in PUBG? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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