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PlayStation 5 Concept Art Video Suggests Some Impressive Features Are Coming To The Next Gen Console - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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PlayStation 5 Concept Art Video Suggests Some Impressive Features Are Coming To The Next Gen Console


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The PlayStation 5 has been rumored for a long time now and while it is expected to come out around 2020. Here we have a PlayStation 5 concept art video which is very impressive and it suggests some fascinating features that the upcoming device could incorporate.

We will get into the details regarding the PlayStation 5 concept art but you need to check out the video before that.


Go entirely wireless with the ability to place the console anywhere. It works up to 4m from your TV without any loss in image quality. While this is a feature that is pretty cool in theory, there will be a lag in the input. That is something that concerns me when I look at this PlayStation 5 concept art video.

Eco Mode

It is unlikely that the device will be on and will still not consume any power. While if this can be done, then I think that the fans will appreciate it but then again, you need power to turn the device on so I do not see this kind of thing being a feature for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

New DualShock

The PlayStation 5 could have an updated controller and we could even get a redesign but it is highly unlikely that the controller will look like what we have seen in the PlayStation 5 concept art video. The fingerprint scanner seems to be a long shot and the design looks too much like the Xbox controller. I don’t think this is the direction that Sony wants to head in.

Real Dynamic Weather Technology

While this feature seems pretty cool in theory, it is safe to say that the developers will have to integrate this feature into games. I am sure that every developer will not be on board and will not support such a feature.

Analysts have speculated that the PS5 wont be coming out before 2020. While we want True 4K/60 FPS for the upcoming consoles, it seems that might not be necessary. For more information regarding upcoming consoles stay tuned to SegmentNext.

Let us know what you think about this PlayStation 5 concept art video and which features you would like to see in the upcoming console.

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