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Addiction To “Fortnite” Led To 17 Year Old’s Suicide Attempt, Says It Made Him Suicidal Drug Addict - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Addiction To “Fortnite” Led To 17 Year Old’s Suicide Attempt, Says It Made Him Suicidal Drug Addict


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Fortnite skyrocketed to popularity shortly after it introduced free-to-play Battle Royale mode. While the game is fun but, none of us would have thought that it can be a cause for suicide as a 17-year-old gamer attempted to commit suicide due to his addiction to the game.

Carl Thompson is the 17-year-old boy who attempted to commit suicide as he spiraled into debt and drug addiction and spent most of the time playing Fortnite.

Reportedly, the boy barely ate or slept and noted that he was “miserable and unable to function”. Just a few months after he started playing the game, Thompson decided that the only way to escape is to die.

The boy tried to jump from the roof but, his father got there on time and pulled him back and is now having treatment. According to Thompson:

Fortnite turned me into a suicidal, thieving, lying drug addict. I want to warn kids or parents how the game sucks you in far, far worse than any 18-rated game I’ve played. The idea that young kids are playing this is terrifying.

Thompson’s mother noted that she is petrified that so many kids will get addicted to Fortnite due to its increasing popularity. She urged parents to keep a check on their children so they might not try to do something stupid.

I’m petrified how many kids will get addicted to this game this summer. I urge every parent to keep their gaming console out of bounds at night and to spot the warning signs. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor… this game sucks you in and ruins lives.

Carl added that he was exhausted due to pulling off allnighters while playing Fortnite. He added that he always has been anti-drugs but his friends suggested him to play with amphetamines.

I was doing all-nighters three or four nights a week. When I hadn’t slept, I’d just take more speed and carry on. I was a complete state, miserable and unable to function… kept up by the speed and not eating.

One morning I urinated in a bottle by my desk and drank from another bottle.

However, Carl is now doing better and has taken interest in playing cricket and studying for exams. He noted that “It all feels like such a horrible dream”.

This hardly the only case of video game addiction as there have been many more throughout the history of video games and especially since the rise of the MMOs and multiplayer titles.

It is important to note that it is not entirely the fault of the game as some gamers just take it too far when playing games.

However, the blamed can’t be shifted entirely from the Fortnite, as it is a free-to-play title designed to keep players engaged and eventually make them spent money on microtransactions.

What do you think of 17-year-old Carl Thompson’s suicide attempt due to his addiction to Fortnite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Mirror

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