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Subscribing to EA Origin Access Premier — Weighing the Pros and Cons - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Subscribing to EA Origin Access Premier — Weighing the Pros and Cons


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Electronic Arts (EA) has officially launched its new Origin Access Premier service, giving players (and followers) an alternative over the basic Origin Access offering.

Both are subscription-based and function in similar manner. However, the premier moniker stands out for additional benefits and other bonuses. This, of course, comes at a higher price point for interested parties.

In comparison to Origin Access, which asks for $5 per month or $30 per year, Origin Access Premier can be obtained for $15 per month or $100 per year.

Since the service has gone live, it needs to be clarified as to whether Origin Access Premier is worth the accompanying expenses. In addition, for those starting out fresh, which of the two better caters to your needs?

Understanding Origin Access Premier

It would not be prudent to jump straight into the advantages and disadvantages without first knowing fully well what Origin Access Premier actually is.

The service gives access to more than a hundred games, both old and new, for as long as a subscription remains valid. These games, with more being added over time, are without any restrictions. They can be downloaded directly and played, including their expansion packs, as if they were purchased separately at retail.

Players are given early access to upcoming releases, as well as a small discount on all purchases from the Origin Store. There is also extra content in the mix (hopefully nothing pay-to-win) and more, all at a pretty attractive price.

The Pros

It would not be wrong to say that Origin Access Premier is the big brother of Origin Access because almost all features are upgraded from the basic version. There is one, though, that is exclusive to the former — microtransaction bonuses.

If gameplay involves the earning of crates and loot boxes through progression, subscribers will receive more of them in return. Since upcoming games like Battlefield V and Anthem feature cosmetic microtransactions in place of the traditional season pass, having Origin Access Premier will make it easier to amass content at a faster rate. There could even be a few exclusive treats in this regard.

The other major advantage of Origin Access Premier is also the biggest reason for becoming a subscriber. In contrast to Origin Access, which grants a measly ten-hour trial period in early access, Origin Access Premier offers full access to the full game without any limitations. Hence, imagine running through a new release nonstop a whole week or more before the rest of the world. That is ample time to get some important levels in the multiplayer mode in advance.

Where the vault is concerned, Origin Access Premier boasts a larger collection — albeit the number is just a few ticks more than Origin Access. For the time being, it is presumed that this gap will only increase more in the coming years.

To sum it up, Origin Access Premier is the perfect companion for those who are going to spend a lot of hours playing games published by EA. For someone new, there is no point in going retail when those very games are available for free as part of the Origin Access Premier package. That is a small price to pay per month or per year to continue playing all of those major titles in the vault.

The new releases are obviously not going to be inducted in the vault on the very first day but the full early access and discounted prices are going to matter much in the long run, saving potential customers a lot of money.

In addition, those who love to spend on microtransactions, will likely reap great benefits from Origin Access Premier as well.

The Cons

If it is not already clear enough, Origin Access Premier is designed for those who are willing to spend on current and new releases from EA. The service is not ideal for anyone who just wants to spend time in one or two games at best.

For example, it would make sense to pay for a subscription in order to play Titanfall 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 1, and such. The same subscription price, however, would become incredibly expensive if the player is only interested in FIFA 18 and grabbing Anthem at release.

If you fall into the latter category, it would be best to simply go retail because there would be no point in continuously paying a monthly fees for something you are not going to use. That being said, anyone addicted to microtransactions would perhaps think otherwise.

Take note that this is not to convince you to stay away from Origin Access Premier. Someone only playing FIFA 18 can still opt for the subscription to rake in those sweet microtransaction bonuses.

You just need to understand what you are paying for.

There are three upcoming games for those interested in Origin Access Premier: FIFA 19 on September 28, Battlefield V on October 19, and Anthem on February 22 next year. For those salivating only for the Destiny-esque online shooter, you might consider waiting until then before getting a subscription.

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