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What is it?

Hey.fuxor.eu, or just HFU, is an adult tracker. It was the first of adult trackers to use the Gazelle coding. To be more specific, the fourth tracker to use Gazelle, right after STC (SaveTheCoratee).

They are one of the few non-music sites that run on Gazelle to use grouping to their fullest extent possible. The grouping is just like the artist page in music sites, except they have renamed it. In these group.php pages, they also have the similar group map (although I don’t see any of the lines that connect them). Like the artist information box, there is also a description about the group, with some information about the releases, time frame (eg 2004-2006).

Since XXX releases usually come in series (volume 1, 2, and so on), the grouping organizes all the releases in one page. It would be like on what.cd, an album would have, perhaps, a remastered version, a V0, FLAC, etc, and on HFU, it would be all the volumes like in the example above.


Posted Image


Posted Image


There is quite a lot of freeleech, some which can be seen in the contents screenshot above. All the Classic content is freeleech, which is content from the 1970s to the mid 1990s. All HD torrents, image sets, magazines, and packs are also freeleech.


There are two bonuses, the seed bonus and the IRC idling bonus.

The IRC bonus works like this: For every hour that you are idling on the IRC, you get 8 MB uploaded. That translates to 129 MB upload added to your upload amount everyday (assuming you are idling for 24 hours), and over 1 GB per week.

The Seed Bonus: Every hour you seed a torrent, you will get 8 MB added to your upload. This only works on a maximum of 5 torrents though. But you will have the potential of getting 40 MB per hour, 960 MB per day, and over 6 GB per week.


Posted Image


Minimum seed time is 72 hours, or a 1:1, and they’re pretty serious on this rule. This rule goes to all user classes and how big your buffer is too. If you can’t seed for 3 days straight, just make sure that you seed when you can and it says 3 days in your client before removing it.

Ratio Rules:

Posted Image

Upload Rules

Only XXX, and nothing that is freely available. Also, you must seed until there are at least 2 other seeders.

Content Specific Rules:

Posted Image

Specifically Banned:

Posted Image

Tagging Rules:

Posted Image

User Classes:

Posted Image

Forum Activity:

The forums are kind of lacking in activity, but the SysOp really does read through every single post.

Posted Image


Server: Hey.Fux0r.EU

Channel: invite only


The normal Gazelle donation page, no upload credit, 2 invites.


Some features that sets HFU apart from the rest of adult trackers is using the Gazelle code.

In addition, the grouping mentioned earlier that groups releases together so all the volumes are on one page.

HFU also has some HD content, image sets, packs, and site rips.

Their showcase page contains 20 showcases, most of which are organized by actresses.

While this is over a few months ago, all users got an opportunity to get a custom title next to their name, if they wished to have one.


Speed: -/-

Community: 6/10 - probably would be better if there was more posting in the forums. Even though the forums seem to have not that much going on, if you take a closer look, everything is taken seriously, and the staff really consider what the users post because they care about them. Most of the changes that happen is because of the users’ feedback.

Content: 7/10 - There are quite a lot of releases, but most groups are not complete. They might just have one or two volumes.

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