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  1. We are pleased to announce the official opening of the series and series animation section this 03/11/2017 Only by full season and in the following format "BluRay 1080p, Remux, FULL BR"
  2. French tracker specializing in HD movies. opened 7 months ago and has evolved since discovering 8 internal team small update of the statistics of the site 29/10/2017 Number of users: 5,087 Details Active users today: 1,027 (20.19%) Torrents: 6,107 Requests: 137 (70.07% completed) Torrents completed: 46,952 Seeder / leecher ratio: 166.39 -1.390 FULL BR -1.121 Remux -2.414 BluRay 1080p/720p -135 1080p/X265 -46 2160p/X265 -33 4K FULL/Remux -582 mHD 1080p (only team intern) 3000 kbps vidéo minimum other........
  3. HD-Forever | HD

    registration open from 28/10 to 29/10inscription ouverte, du 28/10 au 29/10
  4. HD-Forever | HD

    Site freeleech only on this 24/09/2017 site en freeleech uniquement ce 24/09/2017
  5. HD-Forever | HD

    registration open from 23/09 to 24/09inscription ouverte, du 23/09 au 24/09
  6. a part of the forum is now dedicated to anglophone members. to recall the majority of the torrents included the original versions
  7. Want: cinematik Have: HD-F I'm hd encoder for the hdforever team and so always looking for old and rare movies. As I have little to understand this site would be a real gold mine for my sources of encoding. Thank you to my sponsor
  8. Freeleech thread

    HD-Forever (hdf.world) The site is in freeleech until 28/08/2017 Le site est en freeleech jusqu'au 28/08/2017
  9. - 787 Full BR- 765 Remux- 2,049 Rips 720P/1080P confondus - 62 Rips X265 - 22 2160p/x265 -7 HEVC/4K Full et Remux confondus- 223 mHD uniquement en 1080P
  10. Thanks for the review, the site has evolved somewhat since.
  11. HD-Forever

    Hello everybody, HDF, I would be the official HD-Forever representative on this forum. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them as soon as possible.