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  1. Tracker Name Intotheinter Tracker URL https://intotheinter.net/ Tracker Genre General Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Ratioless Banned Countries None Soitgoes back again with new domain address. Anything done purposely to upset the community, whether here or somewhere else, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Basically, if you go out of your way to be as much of a prick as you can to this site, its users, the links, and/or anything else here, with zero redemptive qualities, the community rule may be invoked. This is not the anarchy rule; the staff will have the final say in all punishments. HOME TV REQUESTS UPLOAD FORUMS SPINNER RULES FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS STATS MY RATINGS Content 6/10 Community 5/10 Rarity 5/10 OverAll 5.5/10
  2. Tracker Name : Malacka Tracker URL : http://bitporn.eu/ Tracker Genre : Porn Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Closed / Invite Only Bonus System : yes Seed Difficulty : Medium Banned Countries : None Malacka (aka BitPorn) is a Hungarian Porn tracker.Content is very good with mixed categories.The tracker also contains free torrents that will help to maintain a good ratio. As expected, the main difficulty is the site's language.They have 22k+ users and 21k+ torrents. Home Page Categories and Torrents Requests Top 10 Upload Forums FAQ Donation My Ratings Speed :   7/10 Pretimes : -/10 Content : 7/10 Community : 5/10 Overall : 6/10
  3. Tracker Name: Microbit.eu Tracker URL: http://microbit.eu/ Tracker Signup: Invite Only Tracker Type: Ratio Tracker Genre: General Seed Difficulty: Easy Bonus System: YES Banned Countries: None MicroBit (qBit) is a HUNGARIAN Private Torrent Tracker Movies / Tv /General since 2009 , The tracker is not a very well known but in their country is one of the best , They have releases/encodes from Arny , TRiNiTY, SLN , many english Uploads , Plus a very nice collection of music and games , All the torrents are seeded with good speed. user must seed until it hit a ratio of 0,6 (per Torrent) or 48 hours... HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS REQUESTS TOP 10 UPLOAD FAQ RULES USER CLASSES FORUMS BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pretimes 7/10 Speed 7.5/10 Content 7.5/10 Community 9/10 Over all 7.5/10
  4. Tracker Name : Mononoke Tracker URL : http://mononoke-bt.org Tracker Genre : Anime Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Open / Invite Only Bonus System : None Seed Difficulty : Medium Banned Countries : None FRENCH Private Torrent Tracker for ANIME HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS TOP 10 FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES STATS MY RATINGS Speed :   7/10 Pre-times : -/10 Content : 6/10 Community : 7/10 Overall : 7/10
  5. Tracker Name : MegamixTracker Tracker URL : https://megamixtracker.hu Tracker Genre : General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Closed / Invite Only Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Easy Banned Countries : None MegamixTracker is a Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / Music / General Releases. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS FORUMS UPLOAD RULES & FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS STATS MY RATINGS Speed :   6/10 Pretimes : 5/10 Content : 6/10 Community : 6/10 Overall : 6/10
  6. Tracker Name : Majomparádé Tracker URL : https://majomparade.eu/ Tracker Genre : General Tracker Type : Ratio Free Tracker Signup : Closed / Invite Only Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Easy Banned Countries : None - Majomparádé is one of the biggest Hungarian Ratio Free general private trackers that comes after Ncore and BitHUmen. - The name of the tracker means 'monkey parade' and the rankings are all monkeys like gorilla, baboon, king kong ..etc They have many categories like Movies, Music, Sports, Books, Games, Applications and XXX. - They also have internal teams like Gepont and TRiNiTY for movies. - Most files come with Hungarian audio and subtitles and they have good number of international torrents as well. - Speeds and pre times are good and since they are a Ratio Free tracker, it will be good for those who have slow ADSL connections. - No general ratio is required but you only need to seed completed torrents for 24 hours after download is finished. - To use their invitation system you need to be maki or above classes. - Their web interface are in hungarian but you can navigate easily using google translators. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS UPLOAD FORUMS FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE HELPDESK STATS RATINGS Speed :   8/10 Pre-times : 7/10 Content : 8/10 Community : 6/10 Overall : 7/10
  7. Tracker name MyCarpathians Tracker Genre General Tracker URL https://mycarpathians.net/index.php Tracker Singup Invite Only Ratio requirements Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Maintaining Ratio Easy Tracker IRC #[email protected] Carpathians is a beautiful and elegant ratioless Hungarian tracker. They have both internal and external groups with decent speeds and a comparable bonus system to maintain your ratio there. Some of the groups they have that are active are 4Ever, BARD, Carpathians, DNS, Evil, FL0W3R, Fibonacci, HyperX, LFC, Legacy, Loveyou, OCB, Papa and YRp and even the high-quality TRiNiTY group. They have friendly staff/members and all you really have to do is avoid HNR, with nice content and quality releases this is definitively a tracker to have. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for quality foreign releases in Hungarian. HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS LIBRARY REQUESTS FORUMS UPLOAD WIKI USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS Speed: 7/10 Pretimes: 7/10 Content: 7/10 Community: 9/10 Overall: 8/10
  8. Tracker Name InPeril Tracker URL https://www.inperil.net Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio based Tracker Signup Invite only Seed Difficulty Easy IRC Channel Yes InPeril is a Latvian general tracker. Started in 2009. Majority of scene and P2P releases are there. Quite good speeds. There are not many leechers but freelech is often. Has bonus system. Overall, not a bad tracker. HOME TORRENTS FORUMS REQUESTS UPLOAD MOVIES TV FAQ TOP 10 USER CLASSES RULES BONUS POINTS DONATE RATINGS Pre-times 7.5/10 Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 7/10 Overall 7/10
  9. Tracker name Kapaki Tracker Genre General Tracker URL https://kapaki.info Tracker Singup Closed / Invite Only Ratio requirements Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Maintaining Ratio Easy Banned Countries N/A Tracker IRC N/A Kapaki is a Greek general tracker. It’s active about 9 years and a few months ago it has changed his not so stylish and rather discouraging old basic interface for a new convenient one, the one that is used at the most trackers in Greece. It has plenty of torrents, like any general tracker. HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS REQUESTS FORUMS UPLOAD BONUS POINTS FAQ STATS RATINGS Pretimes 6/10 Community 6/10 Content 6/10 Speed 7/10 Tracker Rating 6/10
  10. Name : LP-Bits Tracker URL : http://lp-bits.com/ Tracker Genre : Music Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Closed / Invite Only Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Easy Banned Countries : None Description Linkin Park Tracker (LP-Bits) is a Private Torrent Tracker for LINKIN PARK BOOTLEGS / MUSIC HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS TOP 10 BONUS POINTS USER CLASSES RULES FAQ STATS My Ratings Speed :   6/10 Pretimes : -/10 Content : 5/10 Community : -/10 Overall : 5/10
  11. Provide the unedited proofs. Proofs received
  12. Proofs received only for account not email.
  13. Tracker Name DeepBassNine Tracker URL https://www.deepbassnine.com/login.php Tracker Genre Music/DnB Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Hard Banned Countires None DeepBassNine (DB9) is a music tracker dedicated & Specialised in bass heavy music , mostly drum & bass (DnB) tracks of all types. Lots of releases come in FLAC/MP3 & lots of exclusive torrents (DB9 Exclusive) being uploaded everyday , such stuffs you won't find elsewhere EXCEPT on DB9. those DB9 exclusive torrents got most of leechers/seeders on tracker , you can snatch it once it's just now uploaded by seedbox to make good amount of upload. BUT hey ! you need to be promoted to next class (after default one) to be able to leech those exclusive ones. Maintain ratio is hard. DB9 speeds are quite good with seedboxes (may reach +1MB/s) as it's not the best around & got nice content in case you are a DnBs LOVER , it shall satisfy your needs for sure. There is a DB9 radio which is active and you can keep listen to it when you idle on the site , old members there used to DJ on their radio & have some good times. they got 2 IRC channels ( one for DB9-tracker , one for DB9-Radio ). DB9's Community is active & strong as they got low registered userbase data usually stick to themselves in IRC which is also why invites are hard to come by , Forums are active as well & most of requests are being filled more active than other trackers got high number of registered users. DB9 is one of the oldest trackers around & dedicated to DnB tracks , so DON'T join if you don't like that field. also ,for your notes they BAN ALOT! staffs are being suspicious about every single new registered member (mostly giving ban for No REASON) for banned guy come to shit IRC & start making some detectives actions , too RISKY to deal with DB9 & i think not worth that risk to join such a tight-closed tracker. HOME CATEGORIES TORRENTS REQUESTS TOP 10 FORUMS RULES WIKI USER CLASSES UPLOAD DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Content 8/10 Speeds 6/10 Community 8/10 OverAll 7/10
  14. Tracker Name BroadcasThe.Net Tracker URL http://broadcasthe.net/ Tracker Signup Invite Only Tracker Type Ratio Free Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker IRC irc.broadcasthe.net #BTN, #BTN-Support, BTN is the largest and the best TV tracker. You can find internal, P2P and scene content. The most exciting thing about BTN is that it's ratioless, but that doesn't mean that you don't need to seed. It's required that you seed torrents to at least the minimum time requirements for that torrent type OR to a ratio of 1:1, within 2 weeks of starting the download. You do not gain seed time until you are seeding 100% of the files described by a torrent. If you fail to meet the seeding requirements on a torrent, that torrent becomes a Hit & Run (H&R). Basically, you need to seed all individual episodes for 24 (for season packs it's 120) hours or until you reach a 1:1 ratio. More information is in screenshots. BTN has bonus points, for which you could purchase an advancement to the next user class and other perks like lumens. Lumens can be used to purchase even better perks like custom user title and invites (very expensive). Bonus points could be sent to other users. BTN lately introduced a stamps system. It doesn't really give you any perks, but it's a fun thing to simulate real life stamp collecting HOME CATEGORIES TORRENTS REQUESTS TOP 10 FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES UPLOAD DONATE BONUS POINTS STATS MY RATINGS Pre-times 8/10 Community 9/10 Content 9/10 Speed 9/10 Tracker Rating 9/10
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