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  1. Nice giveaway ! :O I would like to apply for the for the whatever CartoonChaos account,Thanks!
  2. GGn / BCG Merger Happy Spring, GGn! We’re kicking the snow off our boots and planting our spring flower beds here at GazelleGames, and an exciting new tree is springing to life in the Garden of GazelleGames! Many of you have been wondering where Daedy is. Well, now we can reveal that he’s spent the last two months negotiating one of the largest mergers in private tracker history – and we’re proud to announce that GazelleGames and BlackCatsGames are merging into one awesome gaming location! This merger will vastly expand our torrent library and improve access to games that are currently unseeded or underseeded on our tracker. All of us at GGn want to thank the BCG staff for their support and cooperation during this long process. Unfortunately, with the merger, a few things are changing. Here’s what our merger means for you: Effective immediately, GGn will adopt BCG’s design and layout to help ease the transition. GGn will be adopting BCG’s torrent tracker and infrastructure, so all current achievements using the GGn system will be reset to conform to BCG’s achievement system. All user ranks will be reset to entry-level BCG user ranks. Master Gamers will remain Master Gamers. Going forward, all ratios will be reset to 1.00, but Master Gamers and above can convert 10% of their current ratio to ratio on the new BCG achievement system. We’re excited for this merger and the huge opportunity it presents for our community to prove itself all over again. We’re currently waiting on BCG to announce whether or not there will be a freeleech, as they now manage that aspect of the tracker for GGn. Happy torrenting! Blackcats Network Staff
  3. Could this be the largest gaming tracker In history? A lot has been going on behind the scenes at BCG and after 2 months of negotiating we are absolutely delighted to announce that we have managed to strike an incredible deal with our friends at Gazelle Games. In short Gazelle Games and BCG are merging into one awesome gaming tracker and community. I understand that there is likely to be mixed views regarding this action and some members might be at first apprehensive about this big change, I am however confident that this merger is the best thing for the future of BCG and overall it will be advantageous to everyone. The merger will give members access to what we believe will be the largest and best library of games ever found on a single private tracker, it will also greatly help with seeding. What's more as one massive community we can expect a much busier forum and IRC which is also beneficial to everyone. This merger is a massive thing for both BCG and our new partners at Gazelle Games and we want to ensure that it all goes ahead as smoothly as possible with the minimum of disruption. Unfortunately some downtime will be unavoidable, but we will do our absolute best to announce maintenance times giving as much notice as feasibly possible over the next few weeks. Obviously during the development period members will see a lot of changes, but again I will be making regular announcements as each stage moves forward so please sit back and enjoy the ride. Shortly we will be introducing and welcoming all the staff members from Gazelle Games into one great team, starting with Daedy who has worked very hard to make this merger a reality. Members of BCG who have also got accounts at Gazelle Games will need to have their accounts merged into one as soon as possible, the next announcement that will be posted shortly will contain a form that must be completed by all such members as quickly as possible. I will also include full details of exactly how the accounts will be merged and how your total stats will be affected, but members should be pleased to learn that we are keeping the existing tracker at BCG which means that Gazelle Games accounts will be transferred / merged over to our system. Finally I would like to thank everyone who has made this great merger possible including the staff of both trackers and of course to to all our members for your ongoing support. If you would like to discuss the merger please visit: https://www.blackcats-games.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=54055
  4. Today, 24 hours every lady member who sends a message to us a picture, which related to the page inscription, found objects (eg felírjátok the hands or the name of the page, posed with a road roller and a bucket of tar, etc.), a piece invited to attend. Sirs, ye sorrow not, even the 10 most creative picture of you will be rewarded with a invitation.
  5. Nice giveaway i would like to try my luck,Thanks.
  6. Nice giveaway,Thanks & Reputation added....I would like to apply for the invite,thanks.
  7. Tracker name: MicroBit Genre: General Sign-up link: http://microbit.eu/signup.php Closing date: N/A Aditional Information: Hungarian general tracker.
  8. I would like to apply for one invite,thanks.
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