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  1. Hey I have FunFile and Scenetime invites. I want a blackcats-games invite. EDIT: I also have invites. I have been a member of Blackcats before, but they deleted my account for soe weird fkn reason. Funfile is a well-established tracker which u probably know well. I can prove ive been a member for 6 years. Scenetime is a tracker i dont know much about, other than that they have 0day releases and a good community. I've been a member for about half a year I guess. is a well established tracker focused on Audio and everything about it. If you need some music, chances are they have it. I know ive NO REP here yet, but that doesnt matter to me really. If it does to you, ill confirm im trustworthy by your terms. let me know if you want to trade. x
  2. got a bit more than 200gb on mine. i like music (:
  3. Hey all. Here's me doing something for the community. I will give well-established members a link to my deviantart-account. It contains about 7 tutorials from back in the day i actively graphically designed forum sigs. I've been quite well known in that scene at the time. I frequented a lot of websites that were the main hangouts for people like me for as far as i knew. I do not give members without a well-established background these links. This for security reasons. These tutorials were made for Photoshop CS4. They can also be used for GIMP and any later versions of Photoshop (like CS6). You can also ask me anything related to the tutorials via PM or via this thread. grtz
  4. Hey, I'm new here, have been active in the torrent scene from 2007. I've been a member of: blackcats-games, torrent-damage, waffles, scenetime, funfile, and some others i can't remember at the moment. I've also been a graphical artist for forum signatures. You might know me cuz of them. But i wont be posting them here (;. If youre a well-established member then you can PM me and ill share with you my deviantart. I realize im new, but i wont risk sending new users my stuff. I'm here to see if blackcats or equal sites are up and to get invites for them. grtz
  5. Welcome to the forums nijmegesky :)