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Scammer | Tried logging into userโ€™s other torrent accounts without their permission.
  1. Summerslam Raffle - The Winners! We would like to thank everyone who helps to support XWT and were entered into our Summerslam Raffle. As always your support has helped to keep our server and tracker online! The winners have now been randomly selected and credited. Congratulations! x8 Free Leech/Double Upload Slots Winners: c*** b*** d*** j*** a*** s*** 4*** D*** x4 Free Leech For A YEAR Winners: M*** d*** W*** S*** x3 100GiG Upload Credit & VIP Status Winners: e*** l*** s*** x2 50GiG Upload Credit Winners: m*** c*
  2. Site lottery Just a heads up, the site lottery has been enabled, so get your tickets for your chance to win some gigs ts_lottery.php
  3. Google Translation: Site open for one day on Qixi to cheer up netizens! Registration will be open for one day on August 25, 2020, from 0:00 on August 25 to 23:59 on August 25 From August 24 to August 26, sitewide freeleech for 3 days! In order to increase the number of new people and increase torrent activity, BAN will be cancelled from now on. Please feel free to send invitations. Reiterate the requirements for uploading torrents: Please try to upload the torrents with Chinese titles, which can explain the content more intuitively. The content must
  4. s**** has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following films have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. **** **** **** **** **** **** **** Thanks to users o****, i****, S****, P****, b****, h****, and s**** who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
  5. User upgrade and downgrade update is performed on 20200901 Quote Peasant will be automatically reduced to this level when: 1. If you have downloaded more than 50GB, you should have a share rate greater than 0.6. 2. If you have downloaded more than 100GB, you should have a share rate greater than 0.7. 3. If you have downloaded more than 200GB, you should have a share rate greater than 0.8. 4. If you have downloaded more than 500GB, you should have a share rate greater than 0.9. 5. If you have downloaded more than 1000GB, you should have a share rate greater than 1.0. Power
  6. Hello everyone interested in an HD-Olimpo invitation, now people are being invited to HD-Olimpo, if any of you want to enter the web, this is the time to request an invitation through the mail: [email protected] com
  7. Have MTV, bj-share Want EMP lesaloonv2-0.net CG GGN have springsunday.net acc+email need TTG,bibliotik.me,KaraGarga,AB....
  8. Website is experiencing instability issues in the last hours.
  9. Tracker's Name: Exitorrent Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://exitorrent.org/signup.php Closing date: Open only for a few spots Review's Link: Additional information: Exitorrent is a Polish Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases. Note: Pay attention to site's download requirements. You need to download at least 5 torrents a month, otherwise your account will be disabled.
  10. Google Translation: Champions League Click on the image to join the play here https://www.bithorlo.info/fogadas.php
  11. Website is unstable, experiencing loading issues for the past 1 hour.
  12. Summer is scorching, with you the sweetest! Members, in order to provide you with a better download experience and service, we will open the whole site for free and open registration every week, Sunday, please actively report, and welcome everyone to share this site with your friends. The specific time is from 10pm on Saturday to 10pm on Sunday
  13. Google Translation: Announcement on reuploading resources from other sites: This site does not oppose the reuploading of resources from any other site, but you must pay attention when reuploading, do not contain that site or other external links, and do not use images from other sites. Upload the image to a public image bed or the dedicated image bed of this site, before uploading. In the same way, the resources transferred from this site to other sites should not have the link of this site, and the image bed of this site should not be used. Whether it is in or out,
  14. Tracker's Name: Bithorlo Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.bithorlo.info/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Bithorlo is a Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for for Movies / TV / General Releases
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