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  1. Don't get me wrong I'm fine with the link to Miley's boobs, but does no one else share the belief that it doesn't count as music unless it has a guitar in it? That and the singer actually singing, Eminem being the exception that prooves the rule. What's the top concert's you've been too? My top five are The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury, you just needed to be there, Foo Fighters in Belfast, they just kept going with hit after hit Kings of Leon at Isle of Wight Kenny Rogers at Glastonbury which was one of the biggest surprises of my life Stone Roses in Belfast, I'd never even listened to them before, but they were amazing, I've listened plenty since.
  2. For me I wrote backup, but I would love a decent tracker that specified in ebooks, do they exist? For TV, I just want tvtorrents back.
  3. What mobile client do you all use? I use aTorrent, works fine, especially considering it's mostly only music I use it for, what's everyone else use?
  4. Mark_7

    tv shows

    This is gonna sound super gay but I love The Originals, it's a spinoff from The Vampire Diaries which is just a soppier version of twilight in tv form, but The Orignals left that miles away and is a genuinely class tv show, I watched it over Big Bang Theory when they were on the same night, apart from that I'm a tv freak though. I'm the Ultimate binger, The League was the last one I went through, took about a week, very funny, big fan or House of Cards and House of Lies, love Suits, watched all of Breaking Bad after it was done, it was good, but not what it was made out to be. I only just watched Game of Thrones recently because I only got round to the books in July, (when I say books, I obviously mean I downloaded the mobi files and send them to the kindle app on my phone) but I was pleasently surprised, at points the TV show is better and the change enough to keep you guessing. I could probably go on for days with this, so I will just throw out names and maybe do a top 10 thread next week, Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Elementary, Sherlock, Modern Family, Family Guy, American Dad, Surviving Jack with only got 7 episodes which is a travesty, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, Brooklyn 99, House Buffy and I could go on for another two of three pages. I only actually count shows as having watched them if I've seen every episode.
  5. I'm beginning to think not a lot of people discuss tv on here, I watch Arrow, it's not great but it's okay, the thing I always find strange about it is that every girl in it is gorgeous apart from the love interests of Oliver Queen who are usually a little average, the girl stuck on the Island with him was the best looking and he only ended up with her because there wasn't another female on the Island, then he let her die for gurney face anyway.
  6. The fourth book left out over half the characters, loosing two of the most boring in the tv show isn't that big a deal, they kind of had to anyway, they've brought them as far as Martin has wrote them. As a not that interesting sidenote I sold carpet for a penthouse in Belfast a few months ago, it was spectacular, the girl it was for was only planning on living in it for a year and had at least three people working for her in it, and it was signed off by D. Benioff.
  7. Welcome to the forums Mark_7 :welcome:

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