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Fulfillment by medal1_bronze.pngEthan & Axelrod18🤘

Rules :

  • All trackers can only be claimed only once by every user. No one is allowed to claim the same tracker twice. I will check before sending the invite/account.
  • If the tracker is claimed twice by the user, he/she won't receive it and the points won't be returned as well.
  • Only one active seedbox is allowed. You can only claim a seedbox only after your current seedbox is over. You cannot have multiple seedboxes running.
  • You also cannot exchange bonus points for multiple seedbox at the same time and then redeem it later on when your seedbox is over.
  • You may only exchange your bonus points after your seedbox is over and if another seedbox is available.
  • Any item that is purchased and not redeemed within 48 hours will be voided and points will not be returned for the item.
  • If you redeem multiple seedboxes, only one will be given and the points for the other seedboxes won't be returned.
  • Do not message me after redeeming something. I get notified by the system and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • As of now, the current maximum delivery time for anything is 7 days. If i do not message you within 5 days, you may message me back.
  • Delivery Time for Seedboxes is 10 days.

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