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Buy, Sell, Trade or Find Free Torrent Invites for Private Torrent Trackers Such As redacted, blutopia, losslessclub, femdomcult, filelist, Chdbits, Uhdbits, empornium, iptorrents, hdbits, gazellegames, animebytes, privatehd, myspleen, torrentleech, morethantv, bibliotik, alpharatio, blady, passthepopcorn, brokenstones, pornbay, cgpeers, cinemageddon, broadcasthenet, learnbits, torrentseeds, beyondhd, cinemaz, u2.dmhy, Karagarga, PTerclub, Nyaa.si, Polishtracker etc.

Please make sure to leave a feedback after receiving your invite/account/seedbox through Members Shop or a giveaway. Leaving a feedback is the least you can do as it keeps everyone motivated to contribute in whatever way they can.

If you have redeemed something(s) in the past from Members Shop and haven't left feedback(s) for it, please do so before you redeem something next time. If you don't, your redeem will not be fulfilled nor will you be messaged about it. It is your responsibility to go back and check your messages and check the dates around it if you have left a feedback or not. Most users do their part but this is for the users who don't.

Members Shop was setup to promote activity and have quality content whereas the Bank was setup as an extra incentive for users but as life happens many users stop being active and store points in the Bank only to redeem high value items whenever re-stocked. Moving forward, users are free to use their points however they like but certain items with '🟢' symbol would only be given to users who have been fairly active. If not eligible, the points shall be refunded.

Fulfillment by @J.Stash

Rules :

  • All trackers can only be claimed only once by every user. No one is allowed to claim the same tracker twice. I will check before sending the invite/account.
  • If the tracker is claimed twice by the user, he/she won't receive it and the points won't be returned as well.
  • Only one active seedbox is allowed. You can only claim a seedbox only after your current seedbox is over. You cannot have multiple seedboxes running.
  • You also cannot exchange bonus points for multiple seedbox at the same time and then redeem it later on when your seedbox is over.
  • You may only exchange your bonus points after your seedbox is over and if another seedbox is available.
  • Any item that is purchased and not redeemed within 48 hours will be voided and points will not be returned for the item.
  • If you redeem multiple seedboxes, only one will be given and the points for the other seedboxes won't be returned.
  • Do not message me after redeeming something. I get notified by the system and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • As of now, the current maximum delivery time for anything is 7 days. If i do not message you within 5 days, you may message me back.
  • Delivery Time for Seedboxes is 10 days.

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