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  1. Tracker Name: DataScene Genre: General Review : DataScene | DS | General | 2019 Review Sign Up Link: http://datascene.net/signup.php Closing Time: Soon! Additional Information: DataScene (DS) is a Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
  2. Tracker Name: avg.club Genre: Games Review: Audio Video Games | AVG | Games | 2019 Review Sign Up Link: https://avg.club/profile.php?mode=register Closing Time: Soon! Additional Information: Audio Video Games (BestRepack) is a RUSSIAN Private Torrent Tracker for GAMES Audio Video Games is the internal tracker for multiple release groups
  3. DataScene | DS | General | 2019 Review RULES Add Like & REP Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me in the comments @XerXes Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Invite
  4. @MrShooter Thank you for this amazing GA. I Apply for arab-extra account Thank you
  5. Thanks for this giveaway @Ethan .Not applying Thank You, Kind Regards
  6. TopHos | TH | General | 2019 Review Tracker Name TopHos (TH) Tracker URL https://tophos.org/ Tracker Genre General Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Easy Banned Countries None DESCRIPTION TopHos (TH) is a private general torrent tracker with good design/style. They got a Down-time period then returned back , Lost almost all uploaded data & they're trying to be active once again. Tracker got around 1200 registered members with App. 7K uploaded torrents , still got the room for improvement! Maintain ratio is easy as : - Many freeleech torrents are uploaded. - Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count. - MoreOver (Temp point) , got Crazy hours & Freeleech periods in many random times! I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT REQUESTS FORUMS RULES FAQ BONUS POINTS RATINGS Speed 6/10 Content 6/10 Community 6/10 Over All 6/10
  7. Lastfiles.ro | LF | General | 2019 Review Tracker Name: Lastfiles.ro Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Bonus System: Yes Tracker Birthday: July 2014 Maintaining Ratio: Easy Tracker Singup: Invite only Tracker URL: http://lastfiles.ro/ Tracker IRC: n/a DESCRIPTION Romanian general tracker, opened for a while in order to welcome old users from lasttorrents.org and some new users. The active part of Lasttorrents staff (most of it) and the users moved here and started LastFiles. LOGIN HOME BROWSE TORRENT REQUESTS FORUMS RULES FAQ DONATE BONUS POINTS RATINGS Pretimes: 7/10 Speed: 7/10 Content: 5/10 Community: 7/10 Rarity: 7/10 Over All My Experience: 7/10
  8. YuBraca | YB | General | 2019 Review Tracker Name YuBraca Tracker URL http://yubraca.net/ Tracker Genre Ratio Based Tracker Type General Bonus System Yes Seed difficultly Medium Tracker Signup Invite only Banned Countries None Tracker IRC -- DESCRIPTION YuBraca is a CROATIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL LOGIN CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT REQUESTS FORUMS BONUS POINTS DONATE RATINGS Speed 6/10 Content 6/10 Community 6/10 OverAll 6/10
  9. Shellife | SL | Music | 2019 Review Tracker Name Shellife Tracker URL https://shellife.eu/ Tracker Genre Ratio Based Tracker Type Music Bonus System Yes Seed difficultly Medium Tracker Signup Invite only Banned Countries None Tracker IRC #shellife @ irc.shellife.eu or via browser: widget.mibbit/Shellife DESCRIPTION Shellife is a private torrent for Indie, Electronic, Classical, Jazz, Punk, Metal, Folk, Rock music and more. The site has a friendly interface (you can customize the colors of the site, the logo and make your own styles). The content is "Non Mainstream" and I personally find it great for classical music. Maintaining ratio is pretty hard (under 0.5, downloading rights are canceled, and sometimes it is followed by banning the account),still there are freeleech torrents uploaded every day. Shellife has a bonus system,where you gain bonus points for seeding,filing requests or when you receive thanks from another user.Bonus points can be used to either purchase upload credits or invites LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT REQUESTS FORUMS RULES FAQ DONATE BONUS POINTS RATINGS Speed 6/10 Content 8/10 Community 7/10 OverAll 8/10
  10. Gaytorrent | GT | Porn | 2019 Review Tracker Name Gaytorrent Tracker URL https://www.gaytorrent.ru/ Tracker Signup Invite Only Tracker Type Ratio Based Seed Difficulty Medium Tracker IRC[ irc://irc.gaytorrent.ru:6667/Gaytorrent.ru #Gaytorrent.ru Port 6697 DESCRIPTION Porn tracker dedicated to male and shemale material. Download amateur, bears, daddies, fetish etc videos or use the browse function and look through their pic collections. Ratio is hard to build and maintain when you first join. You can look at your personal required ratio through your profile and the number of torrents you can download at one time. There's not much to say about this tracker except it should meet all your requirements and is easy to join. LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT RULES FAQ BONUS POINTS DONATE RATINGS Pretimes 6/10 Community 6/10 Content 8/10 Speed 7/10 Tracker Rating 7/10
  11. Tracker Name: LePorno Genre: Adult Review (If Any Sign Up Link: http://leporno.org/profile.php?mode=register Closing Time: Soon! Additional Information: LePorno is torrent tracker for XXX/Adult videos and photos
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