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  1. Saint Nicholas Day Christmas time is arriving and gifts are coming Today, the 6th of December, is Saint Nicholas Day. In many European countries it is tradition that Saint Nicholas, or one of his helpers, brings small presents for good kids and coal or the cane for the naughty kids. Depending on the country, the tradition can be quite freaky (looking at you, Austria). If you were a good boy/girl on Empornium, you get invites! Great Pervs get 2 invites Sextreme Pervs+ get 4 invites Please read and follow the rules on the invite page. We will also enable the Special Gifts feature again. This allows you to send gifts of bonus points to random users, with some parameters you can set up. Want to bail out someone who can't seed enough? You got it. Prefer to reward uploaders? You also got it. Or anything in between. Keep a look out for it and get into that Christmas spirit. Discuss here
  2. Site is down. The server is not responding.
  3. Google Translation: The Spring Festival is here, every family is preparing New Year's products ~~~ I recommend this promotion ============== Explanation ======================= Do not engage in moral abduction, but I will report and explain why I recommend it! Everyone is a veteran, and it is clear that this site is a non-profit site, and does not rely on donations and advertising to run. In this noisy economy and society, others make websites for the benefit, but where does this site come from? You need to know that the PT station is different from the ordinary website. The TRACKER server load of the PT station is very high, and the legal risk is very large. Therefore, you can only rent an independent server from abroad. You can inquire about the cost yourself. And PT stations often have a wave of DDOS, and need to buy traffic to wash the floor. The server, domain name, maintenance and other costs of this site are completely paid by several leaders. Many personal stations and small websites can rent virtual servers (actually the ports of IIS) \ cloud or VPS because the system occupies little traffic. However, the TRACKER server of the PT station is under great pressure, and common VPS does not support it. Must be a standalone host. The costs are naturally high. Personally, I hope everyone can support M****. After all, it is not easy to maintain this station. The price of the same thing is not more expensive than buying locally (slightly cheaper, not much), but it can be supported slightly (in fact, it is not much Support, a single profit is in single digits, and it is not a big deal).
  4. Next Happy Hour Starts Friday 6th December 2019 at 3:52 pm
  5. Google Translation: Saint Nicholas Day Freeleech until cancellation!
  6. Google Translation: Santa Claus!! https://i.ibb.co/jgRV3kX/b2a5ed4ef83...60d4370ff3.gif Happy Saint Nicholas Day to everyone !! μBit staff
  7. Google Translation: Freeleech is enabled - Happy Holidays !
  8. Google Translation: http://media.realitatea.net/multimed...e630971a55.jpg Saint Nicholas Santa passed to us, as every year, 10 gb upload, to all ---------------------------------------------------- You have received 10 GB upload bonus !! Please note that the Hit & Run rules remain valid and you must keep seeding. So enjoy the bonus received and if you are not a lecher download a good movie and ... have fun You want to receive even more gb upload, make a donation Here
  9. Happy Holidays! Upcoming Features Forced SSL: Beginning at the start of the new year, we will no longer allow access to the site via plain text html. This update should enhance security for all users. We hope to have a few more exciting announcements coming up in the very near future. Holiday Fun! As is the tradition around here, we go crazy for the holidays. Here are just a few of the festivities coming up: Holiday themed movie bonus: All holiday themed movies uploaded this month will receive a X2 bonus! Holiday themed iS Radio/Shoutbox quiz: Friday, December 20th at 7PM EST we will hold a holiday themed quiz show! There will be lots of awesome prizes to be had! Scavenger Hunt: Yes, this time for real. Events outside our control prevented us from completing the previous scavenger hunt on time. This time nothing will stand in our way! Donation Specials: All free leech options will have an added upload bonus All Upload options and the Ratio booster will see their bonuses doubled The Super Donation Special will be reduced to $50! We wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season!
  10. Tracker: Discounted Price: 32 Pag.es 40$ TV-vault 30$ PrivateHD 25$ AvisTaz 20$ PornBay 15$ U2.dmhy 35$ Norbits 20$ UHDbits 20$ Losslessclub 10$ BluebirdHD 15$ FileList 10$ BeyondHD 40$ Mteam 20$ Ncore 25$ Ethor 20$ Bemaniso 15$ Hon3yHD 15$ Femdomcult 15$ Biztorrent 15$ Bitseduce 20$ CinemaZ 10$ Secret Cinema 10$ Blutopia 10$ AsianCinema 15$ Orpheus/apollo 20$ Concertos 15$ BrokenStones 20$ Learnbits 10$ ABtorrent 10$ Audionews 10$ HDtorrents 10$ Myanonamouse 20$ Nebulance 15$ Anthelion 15$ Piratethenet 15$ Horrorcharnel 15$ Scenetime 10$ Polishtracker 15$ TVchaosUK 7$ TVstore 25$ Femdomcult 15$ Pixlecove 15$ CartoonChaos 10$ T3nnis.tv 10$ Tasmanit 10$ Trackers Below 5$: Bitspyder 3$ FunFile 3$ BitHumen 5$ TorrentDay 5$ IPtorrents 5$ SDbits 3$ Desitorrents 5$ ICEtorrent 4$ Contact me: Mail: Ninjagrey9@gmail.com Skype: Ulquiorra_1
  11. CrazyHour All torrents are FREE and triple upload credit! starts in 1d 04:20:17 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Click here to open your holiday gift gift.php?open=1
  12. Crazyhour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 15 Hours 11 Minutes 48 Seconds
  13. Saint Nicholas Gift Thanks for your support and sharing through year 2019! We hope, and Saint Nicholas too, you were good this year! Click here to open your gift (on Saint Nicholas Day)
  14. SEEDBOXES Dear All Recently we had a major update. As part of the update all seedboxes are removed. Please re-add your seedboxes. Thanks Admin Team
  15. Promotion Special Offer for Hon3yHD users: Use the code HON3YHD-PROMO-10 and get 10% recurring discount on Seedbox/Rapidleech products only at here Hurry up - Limited Period Offer !!

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