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  1. FreeLeech ON Advents Freeleech All Double Upload Remember to seed by the rules.- 1:1 or 48 hours Until 17 Dec 2018 (20:47:22 to go) set by DonBot
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  4. Freeleech is ON until 17 Dec 2018 DoubleUpload is ON until 17 Dec 2018
  5. Crazyhour...All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 23:51:59
  6. Google Translation: Donation New donation offer The offer is valid until 10/1 2019 More here NB is funded only by donations, if you can, please donate
  7. Google Translation: Start again! Hi! We are delighted to be able to start again and hope that we are not alone. The site is currently running for about 1 month in a test run, but please do not excuse anyone. However, all features can be used, but if you found a mistake, please let us know about Admin. Best regards
  8. Google Translation: Until the action is withdrawn, all torrents are free and double upload.
  9. Google Translation: Backup server fundraising progress 1200 (total) / 400 (already completed) Add A****** to scan and earn bounty, everyone will help sweep and help the website to get the backup server funds in more ways. Support less than 50 yuan, reward 1000 magic value every 10 yuan Support 50 yuan or more (including 50 yuan), award magic = 10000 Upload amount: 200G 200 yuan or more (including 200 yuan) one year VIP; award magic = 20000 Upload amount: 500G 400 yuan or more (including 400 yuan) two-year VIP; award magic = 40000 Upload amount: 1T 600 yuan or more (including 600 yuan) three years VIP; award magic = 60000 Upload amount: 1.5T More than 1,000 yuan (including 1000 yuan) five-year VIP; award magic 1.0000 Upload amount: 2.5T More than 1688 yuan (including 1688 yuan) permanent VIP. Award Magic=200000 Uploads: 5T
  10. Google Translate: 3rd Advent Sunday http://www.kepfeltoltes.eu/images/20...t_harmadik.jpg
  11. Google Translate: Hi! On December 22 from 16:00 to 20:00 we will have a Christmas Giga Quiz. With several quiz leaders. We are waiting for everyone with love. Face Tracker Staff
  12. Google Translate: https://gtfkephost.hu/files/2018/50/16/ik6x0dn9q4.jpg On the third Sunday of Advent, a delight Sunday (gaudete Sunday) celebrates the closeness of the Lord's coming, this Sunday stands out from the rest, indicating the beginning of the second half of Advent. Its color is pink, which symbolizes joy.